The Return of God of War Chapter 901-910

The Return of the God of War Chapter 901

The Joneses began to panic upon seeing a horde of people swarm in.

Quite a few of them even squeezed their eyes shut from fear.

Just then, five people appeared before the doors of the Jones Residence.

They were the Five Great Wars Regiment.

They charged into the thick of the crowd.Thump! Thump! Thump!

Although the men that Klaus brought were the best of the best, these five men were invincible killing machines straight out of the battlefield.

One down.

Two down.

Three down.

Ninety-nine down.

The Joneses witnessed a bloody battle.

One where five men crushed a few hundred men.

There were constantly men sent flying across the expanse.

A few minutes later.

The floor was littered with men in black who were howling in pain.

The only ones who were standing tall were six men, including Levi.

Five of them were standing in a protective circle around him. Not a single drop of blood from the battle had splattered onto him.

Across from Levi, Klaus Gonzales was dumbfounded.

He scanned the perimeter around him, noticing that the few hundred men that he had brought with him were all lying on the ground.Who are these people really?Isn’t this complete madness?Five of them had defeated a few hundred elite fighters under The Three Musketeers!Even if the news of this spreads out, no one would believe it.Nonetheless, it really did happen!It looks like these five men are that bastard child’s subordinates.No.Wasn’t that b*tch Emma Jones’ bastard child left out on the streets and orphaned?He didn’t have any resources since young, or anyone to cultivate him.How did he obtain these five elite fighters?It’s unbelievable.

Upon meeting Levi’s frightening gaze, Klaus subconsciously shrunk back.The look in this bastard’s eyes is terrifying!It’s almost as though he wants to swallow me whole!

“Still dare to call me a bastard now?”

Levi smirked.

“Don’t… Don’t you know who I am?” Klaus spoke in a trembling voice.

“You’re the son of Lionel Gonzales, one of The Three Musketeers!” Levi answered.

When Klaus saw that Levi was aware of his identity, he immediately became smug.

He was certain that Levi would, at the most, rough him up a little; he wouldn’t dare to kill him.After all, which sane person would dare to kill me upon knowing that I’m Lionel Gonzales’ son?No one!Absolutely no one!

“You’re a bastard, and your mother’s a btch! A btch would certainly give birth to a bastard. Your whole family is filthy to the core!” Klaus roared without restraint.Bang!

Levi’s answer to his insults was a powerful kick.Pfft!

Klaus flew across the distance and crashed into a car with blood spewing out of his mouth.

A look of utter disbelief was sprawled across his face.

Never in a million years did he expect that Levi would dare to harm him with the intention of killing him.He really has the guts to kill me!

“You… You’re going to kill me?” Klaus asked, unable to wrap his mind around it.

“Let’s play a game, shall we? I’ll give you a ten-minute head start to run. After ten minutes, I’ll come after you! If I catch you, I’ll kill you!” Levi suggested with a grin.

Klaus immediately spat out, “Fine. Then don’t regret it!”

“Your time starts now!”

Levi glanced at his watch, his mouth arching up into a bloodthirsty grin.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 902

Klaus wasted no time at all. He climbed into a car and sped away. He reached the maximum speed and beat the red lights all the way.

He understood that he would be a dead man if he fell into Levi’s hands.

Meanwhile, Levi watched as he escaped.

“Sir, should we go after him to see where he’s headed off to?” Azure Dragon asked.

Levi shook his head. “There’s no need for that. He’s definitely going to look for The Three Musketeers.”

“The Three Musketeers’ base is at Greenfield Mansion, located in the western suburbs!” Michael stated.

Levi lit a cigarette and ordered, “Alright. Move out after ten minutes. We’re going to Greenfield Mansion.”

Ten minutes later, Levi growled softly, “No one is allowed to insult my mother!”

Levi, Azure Dragon, and the rest headed straight toward Greenfield Mansion where The Three Musketeers were at.

What was usually a one-hour journey only took Klaus forty minutes as he floored the accelerator.

“Huh? Klaus, what’s happened to you?”

Upon seeing the miserable state that Klaus was in, The Three Musketeers were all stunned.

“Father, Mr. Fulmer, and Mr. Emil, I’ve encountered a monster! That b*tch Emma Jones’ bastard is now a very formidable person, especially while accompanied by his five terrifying subordinates. They defeated all of the men that I’d brought there earlier!”

“He’s coming to kill me now. Father, Mr. Fulmer, and Mr. Emil, please save me!”

Klaus was paralyzed with fear.

Lionel Gonzales scoffed derisively as he spat out, “Outrageous! Kill my son? There’s no one in South Hampton who has the guts to do so!”

“He’s even planning to do so on our territory?” Ritchie Fulmer’s tone oozed with disdain.

“Does he really think that The Three Musketeers are getting old and useless?”

Perseus Emil roared, “Gather all of our men and await my orders. I’d like to see who would dare to barge into Greenfield Mansion!”

Very soon, all of The Three Musketeers’ ultimate trump cards were assembled.

All of these people were the ones who lay the groundwork for The Three Musketeers during the battle in South Hampton back then.

Each of them was an elite warrior and they were all ruthless in their own way.

Who in South Hampton wouldn’t be afraid of them?

“How dare they beat up my son and grandson! Don’t worry, Klaus. I will bring you justice!” Lionel reassured his son.

His anger shot through the skies when he saw Klaus all beaten up.

Klaus’ whole body was trembling with pain. “Father, you must save me. I have a feeling, a very strong feeling, that I’m about to die!”

An ominous sensation washed over Klaus. He only had one thought in his mind. Levi Garrison is going to kill me!

“Don’t be afraid, Klaus! With the three of us here, even Hades can forget about taking you away, let alone a bastard child!” Ritchie and Perseus erupted in anger.

Lionel was the angriest amongst them. “I vow to massacre the entire Jones family. I’ll chop that bastard into pieces too before I feed him to the dogs!”


Right at that moment, Greenfield Mansion’s enormous gates were blasted open with a single kick, resulting in a loud crash.

“Come out to receive your death, Klaus Gonzales!” A thunderous voice of reckoning stretched through every corner of Greenfield Mansion.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 903


Hearing the familiar voice, Klaus fell to the ground with fear gripping his heart.

“He’s here… He’s here…” Klaus’ voice shook.

Levi resembled a demon straight from the fiery pits of hell who instilled great terror within him.

Lionel was beside himself with rage upon seeing his son so petrified.

“Let’s go. I’d like to see just how capable this bastard is!”

Perseus and Ritchie tagged along as well.

“Father, you must finish him off or he’ll kill me!”

Klaus was almost in tears.

In Greenfield Mansion, The Three Musketeers’ ultimate trump cards were dispatched at the same time, standing neatly in front of them as they stared Levi and his men down.

“Stop right there!”

“Whoever takes another step will be killed!”

All of the elites were surrounded by a murderous aura as they pinned Levi and the rest with killer gazes.

“What can I do? I’d like to step forward.”

A smirk played on Levi’s mouth as he walked forward without a care.

The Three Musketeers’ men retreated in tandem as they watched the intruders with vigilant eyes.

“The purpose of my arrival is simple, really. It’s to kill Klaus Gonzales! Those who have nothing to do with him, step aside!” Levi uttered frostily.

“Hmph! You wanna lay a hand on Mr. Gonzales? Over our dead bodies!”

Everyone began to cage Levi and his men in.

“You’re gutsy to have caused trouble on The Three Musketeers’ territory!”

Following that angry roar was the appearance of Lionel and his two associates.

The three of them had heads of white hair, but they still exuded an air of danger.

Their razor-sharp gazes could pierce straight through one’s heart.

It was especially the case for Lionel Gonzales who had an unparalleled kind of dominance surrounding him!

After Lionel cast his gaze around, he fixed it on one man in particular and asked, “So you’re Levi Garrison?”

“That’s right. I’m Levi Garrison, and I’m here for your son’s life!”

Levi had a broad smile on his face, looking eerily docile.

However, his words completely contradicted his demeanor!

He could be considered the most arrogant one amongst them all!

He must be insane to announce that he’s here to kill my son in front of us, The Three Musketeers.

Levi’s words had stunned The Three Musketeers.

He’s taken bluntness to a whole new level.

He didn’t even bother to be discreet about his intentions.

Isn’t he too full of himself?

“So, please hand over Klaus Gonzales! I came here today to kill one person only. I won’t make trouble for the rest of you.”

There was a heavy sense of authority in Levi’s tone.

The Three Musketeers were taken aback.

They were lost in a daze for quite some time.

This young man is far too conceited!

“What did you say?” Lionel finally reacted after a full ten seconds.

“You think that you can kill my son, just because you’ve said so?”

“You’re just Emma Jones’ bastard son. Even if you were Hades himself, you wouldn’t be able to claim my son’s life today!”

Perseus and Ritchie expressed their animosity as well, sneering, “That’s right. Why don’t you ask around and see if anyone has ever dared to kill someone under The Three Musketeers?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 904

“Hahaha…” Levi laughed.

His eyes flashed with deep ridicule.

The Three Musketeers felt greatly humiliated by this.

No one had ever dared to laugh at them.

“Then let me tell you something. There is no one that I, Levi Garrison, can’t kill!”

Levi’s gaze sharpened as a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

“Men, seize them!”

Under Lionel’s orders, their subordinates immediately propelled forward.

“Clear a path for me. I’m going in, to get Klaus Gonzales!” Levi instructed indifferently.


Azure Dragon and his four comrades formed a circle around Levi and hacked their way forward.

Black Tortoise’s mountain-like body opened a path at the front, like a chariot bulldozing its way through the crowd.

Azure Dragon and Kirin flanked Levi, while the remaining two brought up the rear.

All of the elite fighters who attacked were defeated by the four of them.

Levi, who was in the middle, calmly walked through the courtyard as he smoked his cigarette in a leisurely manner.

A path was cut right through the hundreds of men.

Beneath them, men fell, one by one, lying on the ground and unable to get up.

The Three Musketeers’ jaws were hanging off their hinges.

They finally understood what Klaus meant when he said that these five men were formidable!

They were practically indestructible!

A few hundred men couldn’t even stop the six of them.

A few minutes later.

Levi and his men reached the front of the mansion.

At that moment, Klaus Gonzales was cowering inside the mansion.

The remaining fighters who were blocking the path into the mansion stared at Levi and his men with anxiety and horror.

They were traumatized after being handed their asses by Levi’s men.

Levi’s men had cut down hundreds of men as they made their way forward. Those men were now curled up and shrieking in pain as they rolled on the ground.

Everyone was dumbstruck!

Lionel and his two associates weren’t faring any better either.

Those few hundred men were their ultimate trump cards.

They were the key to their strong foothold in South Hampton!

Those hundred men had the power to wipe out all of the influential families in South Hampton.

However, half of them were taken down by these six men in a matter of minutes.

How terrifying!

Levi glanced at the ones who were still standing their ground, albeit slightly shaky and fearful. He smiled and challenged, “Would you really want to stand in our way? Are you sure you can stop us?”


They were thrown into a frenzy.

Levi and his men were too powerful, causing them to feel fear in its purest form.

Inside the mansion, Klaus opened the window with quivering hands and looked down when he heard the commotion.

The sight of all the men wailing on the ground below scared him witless.

Levi Garrison has forced his way in.

He doesn’t even care that is The Three Musketeers’ territory.

He is absolutely terrifying.

With fear coursing through his veins, he shouted at Lionel and the rest, “Father, you must save me! Stop him or he’ll really kill me!”

Levi tilted his head up to look at Klaus with a smile. “Stop resisting it. You’ll never escape my clutches!”

Levi’s penetrating gaze chilled Klaus to the bone.

He felt as though he would be scared to death at any moment.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 905

“Ram down the front door!”

Upon Levi’s orders, Black Tortoise surged forward and broke through the men’s formation.

A huge section of them was attacked by White Tiger and his comrades as well.

The remaining ones didn’t dare to block their way anymore.

With nothing in the way, the door was about to be broken down.

“Quick! Get the Dual-Serrated Monks!” Lionel yelled.

The Dual-Serrated Monks were the top fighters working for The Three Musketeers.

The two of them were said to have crushed all the invincible fighters in the whole of South Hampton.

Everyone in South Hampton would cower before them.

The Dual-Serrated Monks had practiced the Ancient Arts of Qi from a young age, and their skins were impenetrable.

The number of times they had blocked bullets and arrows for The Three Musketeers was innumerable.

Just when Black Tortoise was about to break down the door to the mansion, a murderous aura filled the area.


An iron rod shot through the sky at lightning speed.


The iron rod hit Black Tortoise’s body, forcing him to take a step back.


A strong gust of wind was the only warning before another man appeared out of nowhere. The iron rod in his hand landed on Black Tortoise once again, making a dull sound reverberate through the air.

Other than taking a step backward, Black Tortoise was otherwise unharmed.

“Huh? You’re trained in the Ancient Arts of Qi?”

The two monks who were blocking the entrance asked in surprise.

There was no one in South Hampton who was able to withstand two consecutive strikes from them.

It was too rare of a sight.

They finally met their match.

However, the Dual-Serrated Monks were filled with excitement.

For so many years, they had not encountered anyone even close to their caliber.

Black Tortoise yelled a war cry before clashing head-on with the Dual-Serrated Monks.

Both sides were well-trained in wrestling and the Ancient Arts of Qi. Their bodies were as hard as iron.

It was hard for them to defeat one another.

Hitting their bodies was equivalent to hitting metal, with only a clanging sound as the result.

Upon seeing the Dual-Serrated Monks successfully holding Black Tortoise back, The Three Musketeers heaved sighs of relief.

Finally, they had a winning chance in this.

However, White Tiger stepped forward the next second and stated, “Fall back Black Tortoise! Allow me!”

White Tiger strode forward menacingly. After swapping places with Black Tortoise, he launched a fierce attack on the Dual-Serrated Monks.

Every strike caused the Dual-Serrated Monks’ faces to flush redder.

It was evident that White Tiger was exerting pressure on them.


After a short while of battling, White Tiger was still fully energized as he launched a kick at one of them.


The one called Dragon Monk was instantly sent flying.

There was a dark bloodstain on his supposedly impenetrable body as blood streamed out of his body.


White Tiger landed a kick on the other one, Tiger Monk, to which the latter was sent flying as well.

Bloodstains appeared on his body too, looking like spider webs.

Their bodies were as strong as iron due to practicing the Ancient Arts of Qi.

However, it was useless when faced with White Tiger, because sufficient force could definitely break through their Qi!

The Dual-Serrated Monks were defeated.

The Three Musketeers were completely stunned.

“Hurry up and take Klaus away! The rest of you, stop them!” Lionel roared anxiously.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 906

The rest of the men at the scene rushed up and formed a human barricade in front of the mansion’s doors, so as to impede Levi and his company from entering.

In the meantime, Klaus was frightened out of his mind inside the mansion.

Just then, the butler brought a few people up to look for him.

“Mr. Gonzales, you can’t stay here. Come, we must escape at once! They’re going to be here any minute now!” the butler urged.

A look of despair took its place on Klaus’ face. “Even the Dual-Serrated Monks were no match for them. Who in South Hampton will be able to defeat them?”

“Where else can I run too, anyway?”

The butler answered, “There is one place!”

A sliver of hope entered Klaus’ eyes as he recalled something. He asked in an enthusiasm-laced voice, “Do you mean Peace Hotel?”

“Yes, that’s right! As long as you pass through the doors of Peace Hotel, you’ll be safe! No matter how powerful those men outside are, they won’t be able to harm you there! Peace Hotel provides first-rate protection services. No one would dare to cross them!”

“Take me there right now!”

“Yes. We will escape through the secret passageway and head toward Peace Hotel!”

The butler led Klaus out through a secret passageway.

Although The Three Musketeers were powerful in South Hampton to the point that even the Goel family was no match for them, they had still dug up a hidden passageway in Greenfield Mansion, just to be safe.

Such a passageway was made so that in the face of danger, they would have the means to escape.

The passageway was put into good use by Klaus today.

This showed how important it was to take precautionary measures.

Outside the mansion, more than a hundred men stood shoulder to shoulder as they blocked Levi and his party from passing.


Black Tortoise hurtled forward like a chariot in the next second.

The human barricade was knocked over.


The mansion’s doors were smashed into smithereens.

“None of you can stop us. So why even try?” Levi shook his head.

“If you want to kill my son, it’ll be over my dead body!”

As a last resort, The Three Musketeers used their bodies to hinder Levi and his men from moving forward.

“I don’t know what my son has said or done, Mr. Garrison, but I’ll apologize to you on his behalf. I only ask that you spare his life!”

The Three Musketeers could tell that Levi was no ordinary person.

Emma Jones’ son was no doubt a dragon in human skin.

They were no match for him.

They only wished that Klaus could keep his life.

If it meant that they would reach a peaceful settlement, they would willingly bow their heads in submission.

If peace were out of the question, they would then proceed to stall for as long as possible to give Klaus the necessary time to escape and seek refuge at Peace Hotel before Levi could get to him.

“Stalling for time, I see. It’s useless. No matter where he goes, I’ll still catch him!”

Levi grinned.

“Come on! You’ll have to get through past the three of us if you want to kill my son!”

The three of them still wanted to give Klaus more time, so they continued standing in Levi’s way.

“Get lost!” Levi roared angrily.

The Three Musketeers were thrown to one side.

Levi successfully entered the mansion with his men in tow.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 907

However, Klaus Gonzales was already long gone.

“Boss, that b*stard has escaped!” Kirin exclaimed.

“Boss, I have found a secret passageway. Klaus Gonzales must’ve escaped through it,” Azure Dragon reported as he made a slow-jog over.

“Phew!” Lionel and his party sighed in relief.

Ritchie bellowed with laughter. “You should just give up! Even if you find him, it’ll be to no avail!”

Perseus laughed along as well. “That’s right. Take a piece of my advice and just give up now! You lot won’t be able to do anything even if you find him!”

Lionel nodded in agreement.

Levi was amused. “Oh? And why is that?”

“Because he went to a secret place and you’ll be powerless even after finding it!” Ritchie cackled.

“You mean Peace Hotel?”

Levi suddenly recalled the mention of Peace Hotel that Michael had informed him about before.

Entering Peace Hotel would guarantee one’s safety.

No one could take someone out from that hotel.

“Well, it looks like you’re quite knowledgeable, punk! Give up! My son is already at Peace Hotel. You won’t be able to lay a finger on him as long as he stays there!”

Lionel threw his head back with laughter.

“Of course you’re welcomed to wait! My son can stay in Peace Hotel forever, but can you bear to wait as long as him?” Lionel raised his brows tauntingly.

Levi’s mouth curved upwards with a mocking smile. “Oh? Since he can enter Peace Hotel, why can’t I go in and drag him out?”


The three of them laughed maniacally upon hearing his question.

They looked at Levi as though he was an idiot, as though his words were completely idiotic!

“Don’t you know that the moment a person enters Peace Hotel, the people inside would use all of their resources to protect that person! No matter your power or background, Peace Hotel would never allow harm to befall its guests.”

“Let alone allow you to barge in there to kill my son!”

“You should know that the owner of Peace Hotel, Osborn St-Jacques, is a legendary figure. No matter which line of business you’re in, you’ll have to pay him respect! That’s why the myth about Peace Hotel is still intact! Whoever dares to break in would face imminent death!”

Lionel had a smug look on his face.

“Is Peace Hotel really so amazing? I don’t buy it! I’m going to go there to drag someone out and no one can stop me!”

Levi smiled brightly.

He didn’t believe in myths and legends!

No matter how amazing, resourceful, or powerful Peace Hotel’s background is, they can’t stop me!

Unless they’re more powerful than me!

Which is impossible!

“Let’s move out. We’re going to Peace Hotel!”

Levi brought his five men and headed toward Peace Hotel.

Meanwhile, Klaus had successfully entered the hotel under the guidance of his butler.


After stepping into the hotel, Klaus heaved a sigh of relief.

“I’m finally safe!”

“Levi Garrison wants to kill me? In his dreams! Don’t even think about killing me in this lifetime of yours, [email protected]!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 908

Laying down on the floor, Klaus took in huge gulps of air.

That was when he felt a sharp pain on his face.

Seeing that he was overwhelmed by fear earlier, he had been completely numb to any form of pain.

“Didn’t Emma Jones’ bastard son end up on the streets? How did he become so powerful?”

Klaus was very puzzled by this.

A bastard nobody has become so powerful that even South Hampton’s Three Musketeers were unable to suppress him.

“Thank goodness I ran quickly enough, otherwise, that punk would’ve definitely killed me!”

Klaus felt that he had literally escaped death.

“Mr. Gonzales, stay here for the time being. I’ll keep you updated on the situation,” the butler advised.

Just then, Levi and his group had arrived in front of Peace Hotel.

The hotel had an antique design.

It didn’t look very impressive on the surface.

However, when Levi and his men wanted to enter, they were stopped by a group of people.

“Greetings, gentlemen. You need to make an appointment in advance to enter Peace Hotel! Guests who do not have an appointment are not allowed to enter!” the security guards by the door politely informed.

Not everyone could enter Peace Hotel.

One would either have to make an appointment beforehand or get the owner’s permission.

Levi caught a glimpse of the thick calluses on the security guards’ hands, as well as the slight dents in their knuckles.

They were no doubt good fighters who were no less skilled than the Beast of Death and the Wolf King.

The fact that they were measly security guards at Peace Hotel served to show just how terrifying this place was.

Despite his observation, Levi didn’t take them seriously.

“Apologies, I’m not here to stay at your hotel.”

“Then, how may we help you, Sir?”

The security guards were perplexed.

“I’m here to kill someone! Don’t worry, I’ll leave right after I’m done with him and I won’t cause you any trouble!” Levi spoke calmly.

However, it sounded like a cannonade of bombs to the security guards’ ears.

Their minds were in complete shambles!

Peace Hotel had a history of at least two centuries.

Its rules had also stood for the same amount of time.

However, this was their first time hearing someone say this!

Here to kill someone? At Peace Hotel?

The words seemed to roll off his tongue just now.

If word of this gets out, the entire South Hampton will be shaken.

How can there be someone foolish enough to have come to Peace Hotel hoping to kill someone?

He’s either insane or unaware of the rules of Peace Hotel.

Other than that, there isn’t a third possibility.

It has been so many years and no one has dared to force their way into Peace Hotel.

“Sir, this is Peace Hotel,” one of the guards reminded.

They thought that perhaps he didn’t know that this was Peace Hotel.

“I am aware of that, but I want to go in and kill someone! Do you understand now?”

With that, Levi prepared to head in.

“No. You can’t enter!”

“There are rules at Peace Hotel. You can’t enter, let alone kill someone!”

The guards stood in his way.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 909

Very soon, a man clad in formal attire walked out.

From his gait and aura, one could tell that he was from the military.

“What’s going on here?”

The security guards explained the situation to him.

“Good day, gentlemen. I am Peace Hotel’s manager, Herman Sanders. I’m sure that you’ve all heard about the rules at Peace Hotel, right?”

“Once a person enters Peace Hotel, they will become our distinguished guests! Peace Hotel will ensure their safety! You cannot enter our hotel, let alone kill our guests! Please leave!” Herman warned.

He was bewildered upon encountering a group of people who had the nerve to force their way into Peace Hotel.

Anyone who knew about the rules here would never do this.

Furthermore, after so many years, not one person had the guts to disobey the rules!

“You have your rules, and I have mine. Even God can’t protect the person that I’m set on killing!”

Levi’s lips arched into a profound smile. “You’ll ensure the safety of your guests the moment they step into Peace Hotel? Well today, I’d like to see just how you’re going to protect him for me!”

“Charge in and kill Klaus Gonzales!”

Levi’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

“Since you’re hell-bent on forcing your way in, don’t blame us for being rude! Throw them out!” Herman commanded.

Eight security guards immediately charged toward them.

These eight, skilled men resembled cannonballs as they rushed toward Levi and his men at a frightening speed.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these eight men were on par with the Dual-Serrated Monks.

The two monks were The Three Musketeers’ trump cards.

However, they had met their match and they were bested.




Azure Dragon, Kirin, and their comrades did not hesitate to strike.

In little to no time at all, all of the eight security guards were sent hurtling through the air.


Peace Hotel’s glass doors were shattered by the impact of their flying bodies, causing the ground to be littered with broken shards.

Herman was completely dumbfounded.

These eight men weren’t even a match for them?

The people in the hotel lobby were scared witless.

This was especially the case for Klaus, who was still catching his breath in the lobby when the big glass doors were suddenly smashed open.

Soon after, a few familiar figures walked in from outside.

Levi Garrison!

Upon seeing Levi, Klaus was so terrified that his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

Why is he here?

He’s even barged into Peace Hotel?

Levi’s eyes locked onto Klaus as a smile crept onto his lips. “We meet again!”

Klaus’ voice cracked as he stuttered out, “How… How are you here? How dare you break into Peace Hotel? You’ve got some balls of steel!”

Everyone in South Hampton had one thought when it came to Peace Hotel; this place was sacred land.

It wasn’t a place where one could just break into.

By doing this, Levi was putting his own neck at great risk.

A cruel smile played on the corners of his mouth. “There is no place on this earth that I cannot go to. Look, I’m here now, aren’t I?”

Klaus shook violently in his seat as Levi approached him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 910

Klaus scrambled to his feet and ran further into the hotel. “Save me! He’s going to kill me!”

“Isn’t Peace Hotel supposed to be a safe place? How did he get in? What the hell is going on?” Klaus shrieked at the top of his lungs.

Herman and the other hotel staff had embarrassed looks on their faces.

This situation was completely unprecedented.

Nothing like this had ever happened in the entire history of this hotel.

Hence, this was an utter humiliation to Peace Hotel.

All of the hotel staff were not exempted from it either!

If news of this spread, Peace Hotel would become the laughing stock of South Hampton.

They simply could not allow something like this to happen.

“Stop right there! One more step and you’ll all become enemies of the entire Peace Hotel!” Herman yelled in warning.

An increasing number of security guards came to check in on the commotion, totaling up to approximately eighty of them.

Every one of them was an elite fighter in their own right.

Each one would be able to conquer a land alone.

They were no less powerful than even Scott Yates and Brock Green.

However, they were willing to settle for measly positions as security guards.

There were a multitude of them.

This was, in fact, very unusual.

It was evident how powerful Peace Hotel was.

The owner, Osborn St-Jacques was no doubt an exceptional man with a wide range of skills.

Levi’s curiosity about its owner was piqued.

Why is he considered the strongest person in South Hampton?

White Tiger shook his head. “Oh look, so many fighters have suddenly appeared. Interesting!”

Levi continued to stride forward. “So what if we become enemies of Peace Hotel? This hotel doesn’t even impress me!”

His seemingly casual words were, in fact, shocking beyond words.

Everyone gaped at him in disbelief.

In South Hampton, and probably the whole of the South, who would dare to be so disrespectful toward Peace Hotel?

I’ve seen crazy people, but never ones who are as crazy as him!

Klaus was petrified as he hid behind the lines.

Peace Hotel had always been considered to have a sacred existence.

But at that moment, he began to doubt its credibility.

“You guys have to stop him! He’s a lunatic and he isn’t joking around now!”

“If he breaks in and kills me, Peace Hotel’s reputation will be done for! You can all forget about keeping the business running as usual!”

Klaus triggered everyone at Peace Hotel with his words.

All of the guests had fearful expressions on their faces.

Peace Hotel would completely lose its face at this rate.

All the hotel employees were responsible for upholding the hotel’s reputation.

Their faces were flushed red with anger and embarrassment.

They would lose their jobs if their boss were to pursue this matter.

Herman glared at Levi as the latter stepped over his so-called demarcation line and growled out, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Take them down!”

Peace Hotel was built on sacred land and all intruders would be cut down.

Levi had just broken the rules and had challenged Peace Hotel’s authority by intruding.

All of a sudden, about eighty security guards rolled into action.

They resembled wild beasts that were let loose from their chains.

Compared to the hundreds of men belonging to The Three Musketeers earlier, these men were by far more capable.

Both were on completely different levels!

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