The Return of God of War Chapter 951-960

The Return of the God of War Chapter 951

The next day, all the shops that had chased Emma out received a stern warning.
Some were even forced to shut down.
The reason was simple- not only did they disrespect the basic rights of consumers, rather, they had also gone as far as to insult and use physical force upon one of their customers.

There was not a single person who was not shocked by this unexpected turn of events; the Black family was especially shocked.

Upon receiving the news, Logan immediately contacted the relevant people in charge.

He got a very simple answer- the previous day, someone had filmed the store owners refusing to serve Emma and had used that to file a report against them.

This caused not only Logan, but the whole Black family to become furious.

Just when we were celebrating how well this plan had worked out for us, we’ve received news that it was reported?

Of course, they would never have thought that Levi was the one behind all of this.

All they could do was complain about what good luck Levi had, which was something that seemed to be happening rather often these days.

In the morning, Levi told Emma that he was going to take her somewhere.

While she was doubtful, she followed him anyway.

It turned out to be the market that she had visited yesterday.

“Oh, you’re here! I’ll pick out the freshest vegetables for you!”

“Please come here, I’ll sell you the best meat and I’ll even throw in some freebies!”

“You’re finally here! I’ve prepared these medicinal herbs for you!”

The stall owners who had turned her away yesterday seemed to have done a complete one-eighty.

Not only did they now want to sell their goods to her, but they also wanted to give her freebies as well.

Levi brought Emma to many other places.

The store owners were all overjoyed to see her and were willing to sell their goods to her.

When they got to the pharmacy that Emma had visited the previous day, the owner bent his head deeply in apology.

After all, it was a much bigger deal for a pharmacy to have refused service- in the worst-case scenario, the customer may suffer a fatality from not being able to obtain the necessary medicine.

“Levi, this…” Emma was shocked.

Yesterday, I was met with disdain from everyone and was shut out by the entire city.

And now, I feel like as though I am some kind of celebrity.

“See, Mom? I told you that you could trust me. All these are but trivial matters to me.” Levi smiled.

Emma spaced out.

No, it’s a good thing that my son is powerful.

She sucked in a deep breath. Overwhelmed by her sudden realization, impulsive thoughts such as bringing him to the Garrison family popped up in her consciousness.

Just you wait- I’ll show you that my son isn’t a worthless commoner- his power is on equal terms with the Garrison family!

However, she knew that this was all just an overinflated desire of hers.

No matter how strong Levi is, he will never be able to take down the Garrison family.

It’s foolish to think that Levi’s measly twenty years’ worth of training would be enough to rival the sheer power of the Garrison family, which has countless generations of heritage under its belt.

At this moment, to their disbelief, Zoey pulled up.

“Aunt Emma, let’s go. I’ll take you somewhere.” Zoey smiled mysteriously.

Levi felt rather suspicious. What does she have in mind?

The Return of the God of War Chapter 952

Very soon, they reached a top-tier neighborhood.
By this time, Levi had already understood Zoey’s intentions.
She definitely bought a house for Mom.

When they got off the car, as predicted, Zoey had brought them toward a neat row of manors.

They were all elaborately renovated and were ready to be moved into immediately.

“Mom, I bought this house for you. You’ll live here from now on!” Zoey beamed. “Also, I’ve hired a nanny to take care of you.”

As soon as Emma heard that, she burst into tears.

I have such a good daughter-in-law.

To think that she would buy me a house- a manor, even!

“No, no. There’s no need to worry about me. I’m alright with staying with Levi. This is way too expensive,” Emma refused.

“How could I allow that when he can’t take even take care of people? Besides, this house is close to my office, so it’s convenient for us to visit you.” Zoey smiled.

She had spent twenty million on this manor.

While her net worth was high, most of it was invested in her company.

She only had a couple of millions in hand, and buying the manor had cost her half of that.

“Mom, Zoey means well, so just accept it!” Levi smiled. “And she’s right- the location is great.”

He had wanted to buy his mother a big house himself, but Zoey beat him to it.

“Levi, Mom shouldn’t have to head back. You should go and bring her things here,” Zoey instructed.

Try as she might, Emma could not turn Zoey down, so she had no choice but to accept the manor.

Very soon, the nanny had arrived. She was a gold-standard nanny selected very carefully by Zoey.

During her free time, she was even able to accompany Emma to go shopping.

“Zoey, we owe you too much. Levi will make it up to you,” Emma admitted, touched.

Zoey laughed, saying, “I’m just asking for him to cause less trouble for me.”

Looking at the peaceful, harmonious scene before him, Levi felt extremely blessed.

He decided to bring Morris’ parents over in a couple of days.

When they heard that his mother was back, they wanted to see her.

When the old folks gathered together, they could keep each other company and keep each other from getting lonely.

Besides, Levi’s circumstances allowed for this luxury.

At night, Zoey reached home and was about to enter the house when she was stopped by Meredith and the other members of the Black family.

“Grandpa, Grandma, what’s going on? And Dad, Mom, what are you all doing?” Looking at the group in front of her, Zoey was confused.

“Do you even know what you’ve done?” Meredith asked coldly.

“What?” Zoey asked.

“How could you say that? You’d bought a manor for Levi and his mother! How could you?”

“And you’d even hired a nanny at such a high price! Do you want to go with Levi?” Meredith shouted.

“It’s not that big of a deal. She’s Levi’s mother, so she’s my mother, too,” Zoey replied stubbornly.


All of a sudden, Zoey was slapped harshly across her face.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 953

Caitlyn was the one who hit Zoey.
She stared at the latter and yelled furiously, “Your mom? I’m your only mom!”
Zoey was flabbergasted to be slapped so suddenly and stared at her mother in disbelief.

That was the first time someone had ever hit her since she was born.

“Zoey, you’re such a disappointment!” Her father, Aaron sighed.

“Why would you be so stupid as to buy a house for Levi’s mom? What on Earth was going through your head?”

“Are you intending to leave the Lopez family and the Black family? You want to live with Levi and his family from now onward?”

Everyone was taking turns to reprimand the woman.

Zoey covered her face with her hands, feeling extremely aggrieved.

She did not think she had done anything wrong.

“Let me tell you this. If you are going to treat Levi’s mother as your own mom, don’t call me mom anymore!”

“Go and be with them if you wish! We will sever all ties from today onward! My stance is very clear!”

After she finished speaking, Caitlyn walked out and slammed the door, leaving Zoey standing there, looking absolutely stunned.

The younger ones in the Black family were all trying to persuade Zoey to change her mind. “Zoey, we can’t be too easygoing when it comes to marriage matters. As a member of the Black family, we should marry someone of comparable status. Besides, it’s you, the hope of both the Lopez and Black families.”

That was indeed the truth.

The main reason for the families’ wrath was that Zoey was their greatest hope. Naturally, her marriage would be a serious affair to them.

Judging by the current situation, Zoey clearly knew that she had only two ways out. Her first option was to become so strong that she would no longer be subject to the control of both families – she will be able to do whatever she wanted. The second was for Levi to come up with a big surprise during their wedding, something big and grand enough to shut the mouths of the families up.

Otherwise, both the Lopez and Black families would continue to object to her union with Levi.

However, Zoey quickly dropped the second idea; she wasn’t sure if she could count on Levi to deliver on his word.

It was easier for her to become stronger than to depend on Levi to do anything to stop her families’ objections.

It was perfect that Morris Group had launched a major technology project recently, and Zoey decided to speak to Iris and request to be in charge of the project.

As long as that particular project proceeded smoothly, Zoey’s career would be elevated to the next level. Her net worth would surely skyrocket.

By then, she would be free to do anything she wanted and not be trapped in the current situation where she had to be subject to her families’ scrutinizes.

Zoey was the type of person who acted on her words.

She immediately contacted Iris and asked to be in charge of that project.

To her surprise, her friend agreed to her request readily.

“Sure, it’s yours then. You’ll have free rein.”

“Huh? Don’t you need to consider anything? This is a project that is worth hundreds of billions, Iris!”

Zoey was bewildered by the other woman’s carefree attitude towards the project.

“Indeed it is, and you’re now in charge of the project,” Iris replied.

Well, your husband is the boss of Morris Group, so everything is already yours. Whatever request you have will certainly be granted.

“But this is such an important project. Shouldn’t you have a discussion with the rest before coming to a decision instead of handing it to me straight away?” Zoey asked in shock.

“Trust me, no one will object to this decision! If you don’t believe me, I can call them right now to ask!”

Iris then personally rang each of the higher-ups and asked for their opinions on the project being handed over to Zoey.

“Ms. Lopez would like to handle that project? I’m totally for it!”

“Oh, Ms. Lopez wishes to do so? I don’t have any comments then!”

Iris carried on calling the board members, and each one of them agreed instantly when they heard that it was Zoey who wanted the project.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 954

Zoey looked totally perplexed; the whole thing felt like a dream to her.
Weren’t the higher-ups of Morris Group supposed to be the crème de la crème?

Is this how a project that’s worth hundreds of billions supposed to be handled?

Why did they agree to it once they heard my name?

What’s the meaning of such readiness?

Ever since those people found out that Levi was the boss, Zoey had immediately risen to the top of their priority list.

She was now their lady boss after all!

“Iris, I didn’t expect your influence in the company to be so strong! They only agreed to it because of you, right?”

The only reason Zoey could think of for the higher-ups’ willingness was that she was Iris’ friend. She thought it was on that account that they trusted her with the project.

“Why would I have such influence… “

They only agreed because you’re our lady boss. I’m merely your employee.

Meanwhile, Emma was busy boiling chicken soup at their new house. She intended to deliver it to Levi and Zoey when lunchtime arrived.

Just then, someone rang the doorbell.

The nanny opened the door and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“Is Emma Jones in?”

Emma rushed out of the kitchen immediately. The people standing at the door were Zoey’s parents, grandma, and a few of their other relatives.

“Oh, hello! It’s so nice to see all of you. Come on in!” the woman welcomed them all in a friendly manner.

“Ha! Seems like you are already seeing yourself as the owner of this place, aren’t you?” Caitlyn yelled suddenly.

“Huh… “ Emma was shocked at that sudden outburst.

“The house was bought by my daughter. Who gave you the right to stay here?” Zoey’s mother glared at Emma.

“Zoey bought this place for… for me… “ the latter mumbled.

“Who do you think you are? Why would she buy it for you?”

“I… “ Emma was stumped.

It didn’t seem right to say that Zoey was her daughter-in-law. After all, her son and Zoey were still officially divorced. No matter how she looked at the situation, it indeed seemed as if she and Zoey were completely unrelated.

It did seem that Zoey had no reason to buy her a house.

“See! She can’t even come up with a proper explanation! That’s because Zoey is not related to her in any way! I suspect she cheated my daughter into buying her this house!” Caitlyn sneered.

Meredith agreed with her right away, saying, “Yup! Our Zoey is kind and innocent. She definitely fell into your trap!”

“This house is worth tens of millions. Why would Zoey buy such an expensive house for a stranger? Anyone with just a bit of common sense would know what happened. Surely, Zoey was duped!”

“There are too many wicked people around these days!”

After everyone shared their views on the matter, their accusatory gazes landing on Emma.

Aaron then berated, “Come clean this instance! How did you manage to swindle Zoey? If we find evidence of you doing so, we’ll ensure that you serve jail time!”

“Yup! If you don’t tell us what happened, we’ll get someone to investigate the matter and send you straight to jail!”

Everyone began hurling threats at poor Emma.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 955

The woman tried to explain herself anxiously, “I did not cheat her! I really didn’t! You guys have misunderstood the entire situation. If you don’t believe me, you can check with Zoey directly!”
“Ha! You think it would be helpful to ask her since she has already fallen for your trick? I see that you’re indeed a cunning woman!” Meredith shot a look of contempt at Emma.
“Hey, excuse me? Who are you guys? You are causing a disturbance to us! Can you please leave?” The nanny, Nancy, was unable to tolerate their behavior any longer.

“Who the hell are you? You have no right to speak!” Meredith glared at Nancy and chided her.

“Besides, do you even know who bought this house? My daughter did! I’m her dad, and she is her mom!” After Aaron stated his relationship to Zoey, Nancy did not dare speak her mind any further.

“Emma Jones, you have to give us an explanation today. How did you trick my daughter into buying this house for you? We are going to make your life really difficult if you refuse to say anything!” Caitlyn proclaimed coldly.

The woman and her entourage had already set their minds on teaching Levi and his mother a good lesson.

“I did no such thing! Zoey really bought it for me on her own accord. I didn’t cheat her into doing anything. Please believe me… “

Emma was in such a deep state of panic that she almost burst into tears.

“I’m her biological mother, yet she did not even buy an ordinary house for me, not to mention a villa like this. You’re just an outsider. Do you think it’s normal for her to buy you such a nice villa to stay in?”

Emma was at a loss for words; she did not know how to reply to Caitlyn’s accusation.

In fact, she herself was not able to explain why Zoey had done such a thing for her.

“Well, say something! Explain it to us!”

Caitlyn and the rest glared at Emma, sizing her up.

The latter could only purse her lips and say, “There’s nothing I can tell you! I can’t think of a reason why Zoey would buy me this villa, but the truth is that I had never conned her into buying it!”

“Haha! So you do know that it’s ridiculous for Zoey to buy a house for you? Then why are you so shamelessly staying here?”

“Emma, don’t you feel guilty staying here? Or are you enjoying it very much?”

“I’ve never met someone as thick-skinned as you. Not only are you staying in someone else’s house, but you’re also even boiling chicken soup? Do you really think you’re some rich madam?”

Members of the Black family started throwing all sorts of insults at Emma.

“Why? Why are you looking at me with such a murderous expression? Do you want to hit me? Since you’re staying in my daughter’s house, you should be bowing and thanking me instead. But here you are with the actual nerve to glare at me?” Caitlyn yelled.

“Emma Jones, do you really think you can continue staying here? It’s my daughter’s house, so we have every right to chase you out of here!”

“Pack up all your rubbish and scram immediately! You’re not welcomed here! It’s our house. You have no right to stay here!”

Meredith and the rest chased Emma away.

The nanny could no longer stand the way Emma was being treated and stepped forward to question, “Does Ms. Lopez know about this?”

“We are her parents. Do we even need to inform her of such a trivial matter? Anyway, you will have to leave together with this shameless b*tch as well!” Caitlyn roared; she could not wait to chase those two women away.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 956

Emma smiled when she heard that.
She knew that things were not as simple as they seemed.
However, she did not expect trouble to start right from the first day they moved in.

Zoey was a good woman, and her family was not at fault.

Emma only blamed herself for being a burden to Levi. Her presence in his life did not benefit him at all – it only brought him trouble and ridicule.

“Why are you still standing here like an idiot? You should be packing your things right now!”

Meredith was itching to throw Emma and Nancy out of the house that very instant.

After a long moment, the two women began to pack their belongings.

“Scram immediately!”

In the midst of the yelling from the crowd, Emma headed to the kitchen and packed the chicken soup she had boiled into two separate containers.

“I’ve been boiling this chicken soup for a long time. I want to bring it to Zoey as a way of expressing my gratitude towards her,” Emma said.

However, Logan suddenly stepped forward and snatched the containers from her.


The man then proceeded to pour the soup into the drain.

“You’re still thinking of harassing Zoey? I bet your real intention is to plead with her. Let me tell you that that’ll be impossible!” Logan said harshly.

Jennie concurred. “He’s right. Besides, do you think Zoey would actually drink the soup that’s been boiled by you? Anything made by you will surely be disgusting, seeing as to how you’re so dirty. I’m sure she’ll spit it out after trying one scoop of it!”

“Hurry up and leave! Zoey would not drink something so filthy!” Caitlyn gave Emma an angry stare.

In the end, Emma and Nancy were tossed out of the house.


Logan slammed the door shut once the both of them were outside.

“Ha! We’ve finally managed to chase that annoying woman away. It feels so good!” Aaron laughed.

Meredith frowned and replied unhappily, “Not entirely; her scent is still lingering in the house. Quickly, open the windows to allow the revolting smells to dissipate!”

“I must say, Zoey sure has good tastes in houses!”

Both Logan and Jennie were very satisfied with Zoey’s housing choice.

“How about this, Grandma shall make the decision to let the both of you have this villa! As for Aaron and Caitlyn, you two would be able to stay anywhere you want to next time at the rate Zoey’s net worth is soaring.”

Meredith gifted the villa to Logan and his wife right away.

“Sure, we don’t mind that arrangement. As long as it’s not Levi’s mom staying here!”

Aaron and Caitlyn’s target was solely Emma. They did not actually care about owning the villa at all.

“Thank you, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Caitlyn, and Uncle Aaron.”

Logan was delighted to receive such a luxurious villa as a gift out of the blue.

Meanwhile, Emma and Nancy had already reached the entrance of the estate. They bumped into Levi there.

“Mom, Aunt Nancy, what’s going on?” Levi asked.

“Mr. Garrison, you probably aren’t aware of this, but Zoey’s parents have chased us out!”

Emma had not intended to tell her son about it, but Nancy had spilled the beans upon seeing the man.

“What? Come, let’s head back together! This is outrageous!”

Levi dragged the two women back to the villa with him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 957

Even though Emma was extremely reluctant to return to the place, she could not win against Levi.
Levi was, in fact, overwhelmed with guilt as it was already the second time his mom had to endure such suffering ever since she moved in with him.
The man had planned to change the entire team of security guards to his subordinates so that no one would be able to get near his mother again, not to mention hurting her.

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

Members of the Black family had puzzled expressions on their faces when they heard the doorbell ring.

“Logan, go open the gate and see who’s outside.”

Once Logan opened the door, a furious bellow was heard. “Who gave you all the audacity to chase my mom out?”

Most of the Blacks jumped in shock when they heard that voice.

“It’s Levi!”

The next moment, they saw Levi walking in with Emma.

“We chased your mom away. What’s wrong with that?” Logan replied haughtily.

“This is my mom’s house. Who gave you the right to chase her out?” Levi said coldly.

“This is your mother’s house? My foot! This house was bought by Zoey. What has it got to do with your mom?” Jennie shouted angrily.

Logan smiled and added, “Well, this villa belongs to me now. Grandpa and Grandma have already gifted it to me.”

Robert and Meredith nodded and said, “Yup, this villa is now Logan’s. Your mom has got nothing to do with it.”

“Ha! And who do you think you are? Who gave you the right to give Zoey’s house to someone else?” Levi asked.

Meredith let out a curt laugh and replied, “Levi, do you hear how unreasonable you’re being now? You and Zoey have already divorced. Her assets are not linked to you in any way. However, we are her family, and that gives us the right to handle her assets.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll inform Zoey about it immediately!”

When Levi took out his phone to ring Zoey, Meredith and the others’ expressions changed instantly.

It would complicate matters if Zoey knew about the situation.

After Levi told the woman what had happened, Zoey arrived at the villa shortly after.

“Dad, Mom, what did you guys do? I bought this house for Aunt Emma. Why did you chase her away?” Zoey was enraged.

“That won’t do! Why would you buy a villa for her when you two are unrelated? You’ll be the butt of the joke if word gets around. If that happens, you’ll bring shame to the family!” Her father’s stance was firm.

Zoey let out a helpless smile and replied, “Fine then, what do you guys want in order for Aunt Emma to continue staying here?”

Meredith shot a glance at Levi before answering, “Since you asked, I’ll let you know what I think. That woman can stay in this villa only if Levi pays you back for the house!”

“Grandma, aren’t you intentionally making things difficult by saying that?”

Zoey grew anxious.

The villa was priced at more than twenty million! Where was Levi going to find the money to pay her?

“If Levi can’t afford that, his mom will not have the right to stay here!”

“That’s right, a pauper shouldn’t be staying in a villa,” everyone else agreed coldly.

“Sure, I’ll pay! It’s just a mere twenty million anyway.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 958

Everyone was stunned when they heard that; they stared at Levi blankly.
Did he just say that amount is a mere twenty million?
“Very well! It sounds like twenty million is peanuts to you. I want you to show us that money right now!”

Meredith was infuriated by Levi’s attitude.

“No problem! I’ll transfer the money to Zoey right away!”

Levi then transferred twenty million to Zoey under the watchful gazes of the people present.

“What? He really just did that! How does he have so much money?”

Once the transfer was completed successfully, everyone looked at Levi in disbelief.

It seemed entirely unreal to them for a ruffian like Levi to have so much money.

If he could easily pay twenty million, it meant that what he had was way more than that amount.

However, Zoey did not find it surprising.

After all, Levi was one of the Joneses, and it was not entirely impossible that he had such large amounts of money.

Even though the man had not earned the money himself, it had helped them solve the problem at hand.

“Fine, Levi Garrison. You’re really something! But Zoey, you are not allowed to transfer the money back to him!”

In the end, Meredith and the rest had no choice but to leave the villa, feeling totally defeated.

Logan and Jennie were the most upset among the group as they had lost the villa they had deemed as theirs.

After the whole ordeal, Emma could continue staying there without any worry.

Besides, the entire security team had already been changed to Levi’s men. As such, his family would be safe from then onward.

No one would be able to get near Emma, not to mention bully her in any way.

Levi’s mother unpacked her belongings and placed them back into her room again. She specially positioned her family photo beside her bed.

Levi picked up the photo frame and said, “Mom, just throw this away.”

“No!” She snatched it back immediately and hugged it close to her.

“This is my only memento. I have to keep it.”

The man pursed his lips and replied, “Mom, do you still miss that man?”

Emma did not answer her son’s question directly, but the answer was clear from the look in her eyes.

His dad was definitely still in her heart; she did not regret any of her past choices.

“You miss him so much, but he does not think about you at all. After settling matters with you, he went back to Oakland City and married another woman immediately. They even have a child who’s only two years younger than me.” Levi finally told his mom the truth.

When his mother heard that, she was shocked to her core.

Emma’s eyes were filled with disbelief as she said, “What? He married someone else? And they even have a child together?”

She was absolutely astounded.

She retreated a few steps subconsciously and almost staggered to the floor.

“He told me that I’ll be the only woman he loves in his entire life. It was his family who insisted on locking me up. He was not powerful enough to go against them. He vowed that he would not marry anyone else; he had vowed and that his bride would only be me! Because of that vow, I have been waiting for him all these years. I have always dreamed that he would come for me one day and marry me officially.”

Emma was sobbed uncontrollably as she spoke.

“Turns out that it was just my wishful thinking. He’s been lying to me all this while! How could he marry someone else right after I left!”

She was crying hysterically and was feeling utterly miserable.

When Levi heard what his mom said, he clenched his fists tightly, rage pulsing through his veins.

He couldn’t believe that it was how a man from Erudia’s number one ancient family behaved.

That sort of conduct felt more like it was from a hooligan who was full of lies.

Noble blood?

What a joke!

It’s the greatest joke of the century!

Because of his selfish promise, Levi’s mom had waited for him in vain for more than twenty years.

And that man? He got married to someone else long ago.

The man should not have made a promise if he did not intend to keep it.

This bastard deserves to die a thousand times!

A murderous glint shone in Levi’s eyes.

“Don’t worry; your good days are coming to an end soon! After Zoey and I get married, it will be doomsday for the Garrison family.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 959

Zoey pursed her lips as she listened to Levi rant.
Her blood was boiling as well, and she wished she could punch that bastard right at that instant.
She wanted to interrogate that heartless man and ask him why he had done such a cruel thing to Emma.

But who was he?

He was the heir of the most powerful family in Erudia, and his presence was akin to a mythical dragon roaming in the sky.

Not to mention interrogating him, it wouldn’t even be possible to meet him face to face.

So what if Levi was the most prominent character locally?

He was still no match for Erudia’s first ancient family!

Besides, Levi was a nobody.

Being a member of the Jones family was his most prestigious identity, but even a servant of the Garrison family could easily crush the Joneses.

It was just not possible for him to challenge the Garrison family and seek justice for his mother!

Revenge did not seem to be within their reach in this lifetime.

They should simply strive to have a peaceful life and be contented with venting to each other whenever they needed to.

“Mom, what’s his name?” Levi asked.

“Tyrone Garrison!” Emma recited that man’s name through gritted teeth.

“Alright. I’ll remember it! That name shall be disgraced very soon!” Levi said coldly.

Meanwhile, early in the morning in Haven, the body of Caleb, a servant of the Garrisons, was laid at the entrance of the imperial Garrison family.

It turned out that Osborn had brought him there.

Osborn met Jonah, the head of the imperial Garrison family from Haven, and told him what happened.

“Mr. Garrison, I don’t have any connections to the Garrison family in Oakland City, so I could only send him here,” Osborn explained.

Jonah was in deep thought for a while before saying, “That bastard has grown to be so formidable that he was even able to kill Caleb? Caleb was an elite who was sent by Oakland City’s Garrison family to guard the South. The fact that he was the only person who was sent there is telling of his abilities.”

“Exactly! Who would have imagined a bastard to be so powerful!” Osborn was unable to wrap his head around the whole situation as well.

After all, the reputation of Peace Hotel was now ruined.

“For the honor of the Garrison family, that mother-and-son pair must die! If word gets out that they are still alive, it will only bring shame to our family! Oakland City’s Garrison family does not need to know about this matter. A bastard like him is not worthy of their attention. Leave it to me to settle it.”

Jonah spun his two legendary pearls in his palms and shouted towards the gate, “Gather our men immediately. We’re setting off to South City to kill Emma Jones and her bastard son!”

“What? Sir, you’re heading there personally?” Osborn was surprised.

He had initially thought Jonah would send an expert assassin to get rid of Levi and Emma.

He had not expected the head of the imperial family to attend to the matter personally.

“Mr. Garrison, is Levi Garrison that big of a threat to you?” he asked, unable to contain his shock.

Jonah chuckled and replied, “Of course not, he’s just a small fry! Why would I feel threatened by him? He is definitely not important enough for me to deal with him personally.”

Osborn was a smart man; he immediately understood what Jonah meant. “Could it be that Mr. Garrison has other matters to attend to at South City?”

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve heard a while back that the God of War has returned to South City with the Five Great Wars Regiment. I had planned to go there earlier on and was already making preparations. This is the perfect opportunity for me to make the trip,” Jonah shared.

“Does Mr. Garrison have a history with the God of War?” Osborn asked.

“Yes, indeed. Kirin, the King of War, is under the God of War. He is the benefactor of our Garrison family in Haven. Three years ago, if it weren’t for him, our entire family would have perished overseas,” Jonah sighed as he recalled what had previously happened.

That year, Jonah had led several other key members of Haven’s Garrison family to take part in an overseas collaboration.

However, they were ambushed there and were almost wiped out.

Kirin was the one who had saved them.

As such, the Garrison family from Haven began treating Kirin as the family’s benefactor from then on.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 960

Osborn smiled in realization. “Oh, I see! You can also take this chance to meet the God of War! Other people might not be granted an audience with the general, but he will definitely want to meet you.”
“Yes, that’s what I intend to do. I have always wanted to meet the God of War in person! I’ve heard that he’s also a Garrison. Do you think he could be one of the Garrisons from Oakland City?”
Jonah had that suspicion when he heard ‘Garrison’ was the God of War’s last name.

The man had even tried to search the files for more information.

However, the God of War’s files were classified SSSSSS – a confidentiality level even higher than that of Oakland City’s Garrison family. Hence, Jonah was not able to find out anything.

Osborn immediately replied, “Yup, I think that’s highly likely! A God of War who is a Garrison, other than the Garrison family, the number one ancient family, no other family would be able to have such a formidable descendant!”

“Yeah, it can’t be wrong! The Garrison family has produced countless talents. For a twenty-something-year-old man to be a Five-Star God of War, he must be from the Garrison family.”

Jonah was very confident in his guess.

“Oh yeah, it seems like that bastard is quite powerful now. Bring more men along. Get some fighters from the Tang Sect as well,” Jonah ordered.

The corners of Osborn’s lips curled up when he heard that the martial arts experts from the Tang Sect would also be going.

Tang Sect was a legend.

It was also one of the ancient families and was known for its usage of secret weapons and other martial arts techniques.

Tang Sect was still in existence during modern times, though they lived in seclusion, away from the crowd. As such, ordinary people wouldn’t have heard of their existence.

There were many other martial arts experts in the Sect who were employed by the powerful families in Haven.

Out of all the numerous families, the Garrison family was served by the most number of experts from Tang Sect.

Word was that those experts from Tang Sect were all highly skilled and ruthless assassins.

As such, Osborn was relieved, knowing that no matter how formidable Levi was, he wouldn’t stand a chance against those fighters from Tang Sect.

The Garrison family was ready to leave by the next day and soon set off for South City.

Knowing that the Garrison family from Haven had arrived at South City, all of the city’s powerful and noble families got ready to welcome them. Even the upper echelons from neighboring cities had also joined in, including the royal families from South Hampton, which were under the leadership of the Goel family.

Each family had sent out a welcome party to receive the Garrisons, and the streets were lined with colorful welcome banners.

That was the kind of reception that only an imperial family would get to enjoy.

Once news got out that the Garrison family was visiting, hundreds of powerful families gathered to welcome them.

Even though the Garrison family from Haven was an imperial family, it was merely a division of the Garrison clan in Oakland City.

If Oakland City’s Garrison family arrived at South City, the welcome party would definitely consist of tens of thousands of other clans.

Such a welcome ceremony would only be fit for the head of all the powerful and noble families – Erudia’s number one ancient family, the Garrison family.

Right then, the aisles of the street were already crowded with people who were kneeling on the ground, worshiping the Garrisons.

It was their way of welcoming them in order to show respect for the imperial family.

Jonah sat in his car, very satisfied with what he saw outside the window.

“Hmm, this is quite a ceremony. Look, the Garrison family is God-like to the people! Whenever anyone hears our family name, they drop to their knees and worship us.”

The next moment, he changed the topic and said, “The prestigious name of the Garrison family holds weight globally. If the public finds out that the heir of the Garrison clan from Oakland City has a bastard child and an ex-lover here, our reputation would be ruined! It would be so shameful for us! Therefore, it is of utmost importance that these two people disappear from the face of the Earth! They remain a threat to the Garrisons as long as they are alive.”

His eyes shone with killing intent as he spoke.

“Dad, where should we go now? Should we kill Levi and his mom first? Or should we head off to look for the King of War, Kirin, first?” Jonah’s eldest son, Seamus, asked.

“Of course we’ll pay a visit to Kirin first. How can that bastard be compared to the King of War?” Jonah snorted.

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