The Return of God of War Chapter 961-970

The Return of the God of War Chapter 961

Trembling in fear, Seamus said, “Dad, you’re right! My priorities are all messed up. We can always finish off Levi anytime we like!”
His father replied agitatedly, “I’m glad you finally realize your mistake, boy. Don’t be intimidated by Levi just because he killed Caleb. Caleb was at most just a servant of our family! You guys are really a disgrace to the Garrison family to be scared of Levi!”
The youngsters of the Garrison family from Haven all kept their eyes downcast guiltily like a bunch of kids who had just broken something valuable in the house.

They felt embarrassed to be intimidated by Levi, who was just an illegitimate child of their family.

“Levi doesn’t deserve to be treated so seriously by us! He’s clearly not that important!” Fenton, Jonah’s favorite grandson, emphasized in a cold voice.

Jonah was pleased to hear those words. “You guys should learn from Fenton. That’s how a man from our family is supposed to behave! If the Garrison clan from Oakland City know how intimidated you lot are by Levi, I don’t think I will be able to put up with the embarrassment!”

“Master, we’ve found out where Kirin resides in. We can visit him right away,” the butler informed Jonah.

“Great! I can’t wait to meet him!” Jonah guffawed.

Soon, Jonah and his family arrived at the Warzone compound.

Azure Dragon and the rest were still staying there, although Levi had moved out.

The commotion of the Garrisons’ arrival soon caught their attention.

Assuming that the Garrisons were there to look for their trouble, Azure Dragon and the others strutted out of the building, all the while exuding a murderous aura.

“What are you lot doing here? Are you here to pick up a fight with us?” White Tiger, who looked ready for a combat, confronted them.

White Tiger was excited to find quite a number of skilled fighters in the middle of Jonah’s entourage.

All the fighters were experts in their fields who were evidently stronger than Caleb. The man had visited the compound last time and was easily killed by White Tiger and his entourage.

“It’s been such a long time since I come across so many admirable skilled fighters!” White Tiger remarked with a chuckle.

“Kirin, you’re the benefactor of our family! It’s an honor to finally meet you,” Jonah boomed.

With the help of his sons and grandsons, Jonah walked up to Kirin and got down on his knees.

Meanwhile, the rest of his family knelt on the ground around him in front of Kirin.

“We, the Garrison family from Haven, are here to pay respect to our benefactor – Kirin!”

The Garrison family from Haven’s eyes were brimming with gratitude as they spoke.

Without Kirin’s help back then, the entire Garrison family in Haven would not have existed.

In the meantime, Osborn was flabbergasted by such a sight.

He was shocked to see a family as powerful as the Garrison family kneeling down humbly in front of the Five Great Wars Regiment.

If the Garrisons were acting that way in front of the Five Great Wars Regiment, Osborn dreaded to imagine how much more powerful and authoritative the God of War must be.

“Mr. Jonah Garrison! It’s been three years since we last met each other.” Kirin immediately approached the man and helped him to his feet.

All the Garrisons were elated to see that Kirin still remembered them.

“Kirin, I rushed here as soon as I heard you gracing the South City with your presence. I wonder who these gentlemen are?” Jonah glanced at the other members of the Five Great Wars Regiment, curious.

“Let me introduce them to you! This is Azure Dragon, White Tiger, and Phoenix…”

Kirin introduced his peers to the Garrison family.

With his back hunched, Jonah shook hands with the rest of the Five Great Wars Regimen in an ingratiating manner.

Men from the Five Great Wars Regiment who’ve been the right-hand men of the God of War for ages!

They are famous for being ruthless and merciless on the battlefield.

I can’t believe I’m meeting them all in one go now!

This is huge!

Although Jonah was the head of an imperial family, he still needed help from groups like the Five Great Wars Regimen to bolster his force.

Not only Jonah needed their aid – even the Garrison clan based in Oakland City would have to take the Five Great Wars Regiment seriously too.

If the group decided to pay the Garrison clan a surprise visit, the family would have no choice but to invite them in cordially.

“Would I have the honor to meet the God of War too?” Jonah asked, anticipation written all over his face.

Everyone in the Garrison family was desperate for a chance to meet the God of War.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 962

Kirin answered his question with a pleasant smile, “Of course you can meet the God of War. In fact, he’s a pretty friendly and approachable guy.”
“Is that so?” Jonah, as well as his family members, looked thrilled upon hearing what the man said.
Meeting the God of War in person was probably the greatest wish of everyone from the prominent families.

An idea struck Kirin, prompting him to ask Jonah, “Mr. Garrison, I bet there’s something else that inspired you to come all the way here. Care to enlighten me?”

The latter replied with a breezy smile, “Meeting you is, of course, my top priority. However, you’re right – I’m here to run some unimportant errands.”

“Unimportant errands? What sort of errands would that be?” Kirin asked curiously.

Sounding somewhat stiff, Jonah answered, “I’m going to deal with a traitor of our family. In fact, it’s too trivial a matter to be worth discussing with all of you here.”

“Oh, it’s a domestic affair. In that case, we’ll leave you to it then.”

Kirin and the rest of the Five Great Wars Regiment couldn’t be bothered with the Garrison family’s troubles.

Then, Kirin invited Jonah and his family inside the Warzone compound.

His friendly gesture took them all by surprise.

After all, few people in the world had the honor to be welcomed into the Warzone compound by the Five Great Wars Regiment themselves.

In the meantime, Levi moved to stay with his mother’s place for the time being.

Emma had been enjoying quite a peaceful stay in South City so far. However, something had been nagging at the back of her mind – she had a feeling someone would come after them soon after Caleb had failed to kill Levi and her.

That was a danger they could avoid only via death.

“Ms. Jones, I was told that the Garrison family from Haven have come to this city. The streets outside are crowded with businessmen and tycoons who are eager to welcome their arrival. Is Mr. Garrison related to them? He does share their surname.” Nancy, who had just come back from the market, prattled on.

“Say what? The Garrison family is here?” Emma’s heart gave a lurch after listening to what the nanny said.

At last, the situation she had worried about the most had come.

Although Levi had fought his way to become the most powerful and influential figure in South City, he was still a nobody in the presence of the Garrison family from Haven, not to mention the Garrison clan based in Oakland City, which was the most powerful of all imperial families.

Yet, the woman’s face still shone with determination.

No matter what happened, she would do all she could to protect Levi and keep him out of harm’s way.

Jonah and his family left the Warzone compound later that night.

“Mr. Garrison, I’m sure you will get to meet the God of War tomorrow,” Kirin promised.

“That’s great! I’ve prepared some gifts for him and his mother. I hope they will like them!”

As soon as Jonah learned that the God of War’s mother was here too, he had immediately dispatched some of his men to make a trip back to Haven to pick a gift for her.

The gifts would reach them by the end of that day.

“Mr. Garrison, that’s very kind of you,” Kirin commented with a smile.

Soon, the Garrison family headed back to the villa they were going to stay in during their time in South City.

“Has anyone found out where Levi and his mother live?” Jonah asked the rest of his family.

“Yes, we have. They’re staying somewhere not too far away from here, and everything is under our control at the moment,” answered Seamus.

“Well, there’s no rush to deal with them now. After we meet the God of War tomorrow, we can finish them off the night before we return to Haven.”

Putting on a stern expression, Jonah glared at his sons and growled, “What’s wrong? Are you guys still scared of Levi, the useless bastard?”

It was obvious that Jonah did not take Levi seriously.

In his opinion, the man was just like one of the ants crawling on the ground that he could kill easily by stepping on it.

Why are all my sons and grandsons so scared of the bastard?

Why do they all see him as a threat?

Levi is clearly a nobody. What makes him so special?

“As my sons and grandsons, how can all of you be so timid and useless? I’ve told you guys this over and over again – we can finish Levi and his mother off very easily! Haven’t I made myself clear?” Jonah seethed.

“Dad, you’re right! Levi Garrison is a nobody in the presence of our family!” Seamus shouted vehemently.

“That’s more like it! Now, we should focus our attention on preparing the meeting with the God of War tomorrow!” Jonah instructed.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 963

Emma woke up early the next morning to prepare breakfast for Levi and Zoey.
As she had no idea how long such peaceful and happy days would last, she decided to enjoy every day like it was the last.
While they were having their breakfast, Zoey asked Levi, “Are you heading out later?”

“Yes. Kirin told me someone wants to see me, so I have to head out.”

He had no idea who Kirin wanted him to meet.

Despite that, he still decided to be there for his subordinate’s sake.

“Okay. Let’s talk tonight after you’re back then,” Zoey proposed, her face flushing with embarrassment.

“Sure, that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Meanwhile, the gifts prepared for the God of War and his mother had arrived from Haven.

All the gifts were nicely kept in three exquisite wooden boxes.

After making sure that the gifts were to his satisfaction, Jonah broke into a contented smile.

Every member of the Garrison family from Haven dressed up to the nines before they set off to the Warzone compound.

To show their utmost respect to the God of War, they made their way to the destination on foot.

All the tycoons of the city couldn’t help but be astonished when they saw the Garrisons walking along the streets.

Jonah, as well as his family, arrived at the Warzone compound in the morning.

“Mr. Garrison, Boss will be late. Please do wait for him patiently,” Kirin informed.

“Sure! It’s our honor to wait for the God of War!” Jonah laughed heartily.

Seamus chimed in, “Exactly. Few people in the world have such an honor to wait for him. At least I’ve never heard of anyone having the honor before!”

For Jonah and his entire family, it was an esteemed honor to be awaiting Levi’s arrival.

They were more than willing to wait for days – or even months – to meet him.

Will we become the talk of the town after word spreads around about our meeting with the God of War?

About an hour later, Levi finally arrived.

Jonah and his entourage were stunned to see him.

Firstly, they thought Levi looked too young to be the God of War.

Secondly, the man looked too much like a commoner for him to be someone as prominent as the God of War.

Levi was dressed casually, so he looked no different from a commoner when he was not in action.

Could he possibly be the God of War?


It was only when the Five Great Wars Regimen greeted Levi did Jonah and the rest of his family believe him to be the God of War.

“Are they all here to meet me?” Levi asked.

“It’s our utmost honor to meet you, God of War!”

Jonah, as well as his sons and grandsons, knelt down in front of Levi in unison.

“Boss, please allow me to introduce to you the head of the Garrison family from Haven, Jonah Garrison! He and I go way back,” Kirin shared.

“The Garrison family from Haven?” Levi scoffed.

I’m almost sure that they’re related to the Garrison clan from Oakland City.

“Yes! Esteemed God of War, I’m Jonah Garrison of the Garrison family from Haven!”

With his head pressed firmly against the ground, Jonah couldn’t resist but ask, “God of War, is it true that you share our surname?”

Levi nodded his head. “You’re right. I am indeed a Garrison.”

All at once, Jonah and his family members heaved out a sigh of relief.

All of them felt euphoric to have their speculation verified by the man himself.

In their opinions, the God of War must be one from the Garrison clan in Oakland City or other major branches of the family, considering that he was talented enough to become such a prominent figure.

Jonah and his family were pleased with the prospect of being considered as the God of War’s relatives.

How could they not be elated upon hearing that piece of news?

Jonah swallowed hard before looking up at Levi with anticipation in his eyes. “God of War, would you be kind enough to answer one more question from me?”

“Go ahead,” Levi answered.

“If I’m not mistaken, I suppose you are one of the greatest talents produced by the Garrison clan in Oakland City. It’s because they’re the only ones who have enough resources to train you into becoming such a skillful fighter.”

Although Jonah emphasized that it was nothing but his presumption, the man sounded very sure about what he said.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 964

Everyone from Jonah’s family couldn’t wait to hear Levi’s confirmation.
If Levi were indeed someone from the Garrison clan in Oakland City, the situation would be very beneficial to them all.
They had to rely on the Garrison clan in Oakland City for support as they were just a small branch of the Garrison family

Now that they were lucky enough to have a chance to establish a connection with the God of War, their future seemed bright in their eyes.

“The Garrison clan from Oakland City? Haha! They aren’t worthy to have a descendant as great as me!”

Levi’s answer drove Jonah and his family to despair.

The God of War isn’t related to the Garrison clan from Oakland City? What?

How’s that possible?

Other than the Garrison clan in Oakland City, which branch could possibly have the resources to train him?

Jonah could not think of any other Garrison branch who could be capable of nurturing a descendant like Levi.

Just like them, the branches in Northeast City, Northwest City, and Chillshire could never have had the resources to train their descendants into someone like Levi despite them being an imperial family.

“Huh? You aren’t from the Garrison clan in Oakland City? How can that be? I can hardly believe other branches of our family have the resources to train you!”

The eyes of Jonah and his family went wide in shock, all filled with utter disbelief.

They did not think other branches of their family had what it took to train someone like the God of War.

“You guys are wrong to think that Boss ever relied on anyone to achieve his success. Just like everyone else, Boss started out at the bottom and slowly worked his way up to become the God of War through sheer hard work,” Kirin quickly explained.

Levi glanced at Jonah and the rest of his family before announcing, “Listen to me very carefully – I’m not related to any branch of the Garrison family, especially the Garrison clan in Oakland City.”

Jonah and the others gasped in shock at his bold statement.

How could someone from an ordinary background be the God of War of Erudia?

Those who were born into rich and powerful families did not think those who came from poor families stood a chance at achieving success.

In their opinion, someone from a poor background could never be a match for those from rich and powerful families; it was because they could never have the same education, resources, and connections the latter could have.

Those from poor families, who managed to achieve something, would be quickly eliminated by those who come from rich and powerful families.

Therefore, Jonah and his family found it hard to believe that the God of War actually came from a poor family.

“Well, please get up. We’ll talk then,” Levi urged.

“Thank you for gracing us, God of War!”

Jonah and the rest of his family rose to their feet and followed Levi to his room.

“Are you guys a branch of the Garrison clan in Oakland City?” the latter asked.

“Yes, that’s correct.”

Levi flashed him a meaningful smile as he asked, “I suppose you guys are here to carry out another mission then?”

The air in the room froze as soon as he posed that question.

Everyone, including Kirin, gaped at Levi in utter astonishment.

How does he know we have a mission?

With that doubt in mind, Jonah experienced a mixture of feelings, his eyes brimming with disbelief.

The rest of the Garrison family were left stupefied; they knew the God of War was referring to their plan to kill Emma Jones and her son.

Jonah took a deep breath to calm his nerves.

I’m surprised at how fast words travels. How is even the God of War aware of our intention to kill that b*tch and her son?

Bad news spreads like wildfire indeed.

Now that even the God of War is aware of our plan, I bet the news will become widespread in a jiffy.

By the time that happens, those in Oakland City will become the laughing stock of the entire country!

As a branch of their family, sure enough, our family will be implicated too!

It will be hard to live with that kind of embarrassment.

In order to prevent the disastrous situation, Jonah made up his mind to kill Emma and his son as soon as he could and tie up any loose ends.

Jonah had actually planned to execute the plan the night before they returned to Haven.

However, he changed his mind, deciding to play safe and not delay things any further.

Jonah looked up at Levi and replied somewhat reluctantly, “Yes, we’re here to get rid of a traitor of our family!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 965

Levi broke into a smile which grew wider and slowly turned into a sneer in response to Jonah’s answer.
They’re really here to kill me.
I knew they weren’t only here to visit the God of War!

“A traitor? I heard from the grapevine that he is quite a prominent skilled fighter. You guys better summon more help to handle him!” Levi chuckled.

Levi’s answer only cemented Jonah’s opinion that the God of War had already discovered everything there is to know about Emma and her son.

Even the God of War knows that Levi is a tough nut to crack. I bet our family has become the laughing stock of the town right now because of that bastard and his mother!

“God of War, thanks for your concern. However, please don’t worry about us. I’m sure we will be able to finish them both off!”

A dangerous glint flickered in Jonah’s eyes when he said that.

“Well, I’ll wait for your good news then.” Levi nodded.


Jonah’s eyes gleamed with hope at once.

Does the God of War also want to get rid of Emma and her son?

Wait, of course he does. After all, he is one of the Garrisons too!

I bet he couldn’t tolerate the scandal Emma and her son have brought upon the Garrison family!

No matter what, there is no reason to keep the both of them alive!

I’ll be there myself later tonight to make sure the two of them are killed!

“By the way, we’ve prepared some gifts for you, your mother, and your wife. We really hope you like them!”

Jonah beckoned his sons to bring the gift boxes over.

“What does this mean?” Levi questioned with a sharp edge in his tone.

Kirin came to Jonah’s rescue by saying, “Boss, please accept their gifts! I’m sure Mr. Garrison means nothing but goodwill!”

Levi smiled in amusement.

He had never received gifts offered to him by any other people.

Yet, he couldn’t see the reason why he should not accept the gifts from Jonah and his family, considering that they were there to kill him.

Why shouldn’t I take their gifts?

“Sure.” Levi agreed to accept the gifts readily.

Jonah delightedly presented the gifts to him one by one.

The first box contained shiny armor made of a special metal.

“God of War, this armor was made according to a combination of traditional and modern techniques. What makes it stand out is its sturdiness. It can protect its wearer from knives, swords, and even bullets. It’s much better than an ordinary bulletproof vest because it can withstand high temperatures. This armor is perfect for you. You can wear it on the battlefields,” Jonah elaborated.

Levi picked the armor up and examined it.

Indeed, the craftsmanship was fabulous.

“I like this,” he commented.

Feeling thrilled, Jonah moved on to the second box to reveal red, wild ginseng.

“God of War, here’s some red ginseng for your mother! It’s a herb famous for its immense benefits for health.”

“This is great. I’ll keep it too,” Levi responded.

Jonah, who tried hard to subdue the excitement coursing in his blood, continued to open the third box. “This is a topaz pendant for your wife! Please send my greetings to your mother and your wife on my behalf!”

Levi accepted all the gifts happily. “You’re really great at choosing gifts. I love them all!” he commented with a friendly smile.

“If there’s nothing else, I’ve got to go now. I hope your mission of eliminating the traitor goes well later,” Levi said with a barely noticeable smirk on his face.

Jonah and his family were ecstatic as the God of War had not only accepted their gifts – but he also even showed care and interest in their mission.

It seemed to them that they had successfully built a strong bond with the God of War through this trip.

It was not hard to imagine what a promising and prosperous future they could have!

With the bond with the God of War, they might get to act with more backbone the next time they interacted with those in Oakland City next time.

“Kirin, we shall not disturb you guys any further then.”

In a buoyant mood, Jonah brought the rest of the family back to the villa.

Immediately, the man started preparing for the mission to finish off Emma and her son later that night. He was determined to make sure that their plan allowed no loopholes.

“Emma and her son will soon be unable to see the rising sun of the next morning!” Jonah sneered.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 966

Jonah had a clear idea of who he needed to implement his plan.
He recruited six skilled fighters from Tang Sect, all of them masters in wielding concealed weapons.
In addition to that, he dispatched eighteen top skilled fighters trained by the Garrison family to guard all exits of the neighborhood, giving Levi no chance to escape.

Last but not least, he and the rest of the family would be supervising everything from outside the neighborhood to deal with emergencies.

“Levi Garrison, I can’t believe even the God of War sees you as a skilled fighter too. Tonight, I’m going to witness you in action with my own eyes!”

Jonah looked forward to the violence that would be unleashed.

Meanwhile, Levi brought the gifts he had received from Jonah back home.

He was overjoyed to receive the red ginseng, as that was what his mother needed the most at the moment.

In order to cure Emma’s illness, he had sent some of his men on a search for rare and precious medicinal herbs over the past two days.

Much to his pleasant surprise, he received red ginseng from the Garrisons right at his doorstep.

The red ginseng, if used properly, could cure his mother of her chronic illness, boost her health, and even help her achieve longevity.

To be more precise, the red ginseng could help with his mother’s skin condition too.

In short, the red ginseng was a very timely gift.

After consulting Fredrick, Levi prepared a soup with red ginseng for Emma.

When Zoey got back home, Levi casually passed her the topaz pendant.

“Someone sent us a gift each. This is yours,” he said.


Zoey, who did not know much about jade, kept the topaz pendant away like it was just an ordinary jade pendant.

It was unbeknownst to her that that topaz pendant was actually a priceless item – the rarest of its kind.

After all, the Garrison family would never give out anything shabby as gifts.

Anyone who knew something about jade would have to pick their jaws up from the ground when they saw the topaz pendant Zoey had received from the Garrison family.

Zoey would only realize the real value of the topaz pendant sometime later.

“Hey, didn’t you say you had something to discuss with me?”

Levi remembered the woman telling him that that morning.

“Yes. Let’s talk in the bedroom.”

The man couldn’t help but be curious when she dragged him into their bedroom surreptitiously.

“I suppose you know that I’m handling a project worth a hundred billion right now,” Zoey began.

“Yes, I know about it.”

It went without saying that Levi knew about the project. Zoey was working at the company owned by him, after all.

Of course you’re free to grab any project you like. You’re the wife of the boss!

“When the project is officially launched, my net worth will soar, and I’ll be free from the control of both the Lopez family as well as the Black family. By then, I’ll have the freedom to make decisions in my life, like getting married to you,” Zoey said.

Only then did Levi understand why she was so eager to be in charge of the project.

Solemnly, the woman stared at him. “Just to be safe, I need to do something extra to make sure my parents and Grandma have no chance to stop us from marrying each other.”

“I actually don’t think that’s necessary because I will be able to settle all the problems.”

Levi had intended to announce his true identity to Zoey’s family at their wedding ceremony.

He believed the Lopez family and the Black family would not have any objections against their marriage once they learned about his true identity.

She cast a fleeting glance at him and snapped, “No way. You’re unreliable!”

Looking resigned, he was rendered speechless.

He knew that Zoey still assumed he was depending on the Joneses up until now.

In her opinion, he was a useless guy. Someone who was not capable of solving the issues she was facing at the moment.

“I’ve already come up with a plan which can ensure they have no grounds to object to our marriage!”

Zoey smiled craftily before quickly lowering her head to hide the embarrassment on her face.

“What’s this brilliant plan of yours?” he asked, curiosity written all over his face.

“We… We…” Zoey stammered, having a hard time revealing her plan.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 967

Levi scratched his head, looking puzzled.
“What exactly is on your mind?”
Despite him being the God of War, who had vast experience on the battlefields, he knew nothing about relationships.

Therefore, he had no idea how to gauge what was on Zoey’s mind.

The woman shot him a glare. “You really can be such a blockhead sometimes. I’m thinking about getting pregnant!”

“Huh? Oh, I-I see…” It finally dawned upon him what she was thinking about.

So, her getting pregnant is her plan!

That’s quite brilliant, actually.

As soon as she’s pregnant, her family will have no choice but to accept our marriage.

“As long as I’m pregnant, there’s nothing the Lopez family and the Black family can do to stop us from marrying each other. On top of that, I’ll be getting so rich at that time that they will no longer be able to exert any more control on me! I’ll be free to decide who I’d like to marry, and no one will be able to stop me from doing that!” Zoey announced agitatedly.

Yet, Levi had his reservations. “It’s not very appropriate, is it?”

“Why do you think so?”

“You know that I’m a very conservative man. I’ve always wanted to give you the best of everything, and I respect you a lot. I really think we should think about getting a child after we remarry each other. Right now, we’re officially still a divorced couple.”

“Zoey, getting pregnant at this juncture will do nothing but tarnish your reputation, and that’s the last thing I want to see! It pains me to see you suffer something like that as you’ve had gone through more than your share of hardships during these years. So, why don’t we only think about having a child after we remarry each other?” Levi tried to convince Zoey earnestly.

The latter was touched by his words.

“Levi, you’re indeed the nice I’ve always thought you to be! I’m so glad because it means that all the effort I’ve made so far for you are worthwhile! Listen to me – having a kid is the only way we can get rid of my family!” Zoey insisted with tears welled up in her eyes.

She did not mind going through some hardships upon seeing how much Levi cared about her.

“Alright, I’ll do as you say.”

Levi beamed at her reply.

He had always wanted to have a kid with her.

However, he dared not propose that idea, considering he had owed her too much over the past six years.

“We can’t do anything frisky tonight. I’ll be busy later,” Levi spoke all of a sudden.

He was not in the mood to spend time with Zoey in bed because Jonah and his family were coming to kill him soon.

“Who said we’re going to do it tonight?” the woman shot him a supercilious glance.

Levi suddenly felt himself heat up and quickly walked out of the mansion to let the breeze cool him down.

With one wave of his hands, someone materialized from the darkness.

“How can I help you, God of War?”

“Tell everyone guarding the neighborhood to retreat immediately!”


Soon, the heavily guarded neighborhood became defenseless after all Levi’s men had left on his order.

The action was necessary. Levi was worried that Jonah’s men might not be able to get through the line of defense.

As the sky grew darker, Levi sipped on his cup of tea, enjoying the cool breeze outside the manor.

At the same time, Jonah and all his men had gathered outside Levi’s neighborhood.

“Everyone, it’s time we get to work! We have to kill Emma Jones and her son at all costs tonight!” Jonah commanded.

Six skilled fighters from Tang Sect, as well as eighteen skilled fighters from the Garrison family, crept their way into the neighborhood. They soon vanished into the darkness.

Dozens of skilled fighters were dispatched by Jonah to guard the surroundings of the neighborhood. They were to make sure no one was able to escape.

They had found out Levi’s address ages ago, so they were quite familiar with the layout of the neighborhood after meticulously studying it.

The eighteen skilled fighters from the Garrison family were entrusted with the task to guard all the exits of the neighborhood. They were to ensure that Levi would not be able to run away.

Meanwhile, the six skilled fighters from Tang Sect were tasked to kill Levi and his mother.

While Levi was examining a stain on his shirt in front of the main gate of the mansion, the six skilled fighters from Tang Sect started closing in on him from less than fifty meters away.

“That’s Levi Garrison! Kill him!”

After making sure the man they saw was indeed Levi, the six skilled fighters launched their attack on him.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 968

Swish, swish, swish…
The rustling sound of something moving in the air at a rapid speed could be heard.
Up to a hundred concealed weapons swooped down at Levi dangerously at one go. The skilled fighters from Tang Sect were aiming to kill Levi with a single strike.

They were very sure that their concealed weapons would be able to kill the man, leaving his body filled with holes.




Much to their consternation, sparks flew and the sound of metal on metal could be heard.

“What is this sorcery? Is he wearing armor? Let’s give it another go!”

The skilled fighters from Tang Sect reacted promptly by launching another round of attack on Levi without further ado.


Yet, the same thing happened this time – their weapons were unable to pierce through Levi’s armor.

“Damn it! He’s wearing the Golden Armor! It’s one of our creations!” One of them let out an exclamation after taking a closer look at the armor Levi was wearing.

“It can’t be! How did he get his hands on the Golden Armor?”

“The thing he’s wearing looks very much like it, though.”

“We’ve failed our mission! Retreat immediately!”

The six skilled fighters immediately retreated after a brief discussion.

Levi broke into a smile as he broke into a smile.

I must say, this Golden Armor is indeed fantastic!

If Black Tortoise were here, he would have gotten injured by the concealed weapons.

Even though Black Tortoise’s skin is impenetrable to ordinary weapons and bullets, he is defenseless to the weapons used by the fighter of Tang Sect.

This Golden Armor Jonah gifted me is even better than all the bulletproof vests I’ve been wearing!

Levi couldn’t help but marvel at how sturdy the Golden Armor was.

The fighters, who were guarding the exits, were horrified to see the fighters from Tang Sect running away from Levi’s manor.

“You guys should remain here,” they told the eighteen skilled fighters.

Outside the neighborhood, Jonah looked very much at ease. “I guess Levi and his mother have already been killed by now. I have a lot of confidence in the skilled fighters from Tang Sect.”

At that juncture, the six skilled fighters he mentioned made a beeline for where Jonah was standing.

“What went wrong?”

Judging from their pale faces, Jonah knew their mission had gone awry.

“Mr. Garrison, this is bad. Levi Garrison is wearing armor that looks very much like the Golden Armor – a creation of our sect! He can’t be hurt by our concealed weapons at all!”

Another man from Tang Sect chimed in, “If my judgment is correct, he is indeed wearing a Golden Armor!”

“What? How could something like this happen?”

Soon, a person popped up in Jonah’s mind. It was the God of War whom they had gifted a Golden Armor earlier that day.

Yet, they did not reckon that there existed any association between Levi and the God of War.

One of them was the God of War of the country, whereas the other was the bastard of the prestigious Garrison family.

It seemed extremely unlikely that the two could have any connection.

There was only one plausible reason that could explain the situation – Levi just so happened to be wearing something that looked extremely similar to a Golden Armor.

Indeed, it was human nature to avoid what they feared and try to convince themselves that the things they feared did not exist.

“Levi really is a force to be reckoned with. No wonder even the God of War thinks highly of him. I think he’s wearing some sort of flexible body armor; that’s probably what’s protect him from some weapons.”

“Come on, let’s go and check him out ourselves! If assassination doesn’t work, we should launch a frontal attack on him then! Let’s see how he’s going to defend himself this time!”

Jonah, together with all the skilled fighters, charged toward Levi’s manor.

The eighteen skilled fighters guarding the exits began advancing on the manor too.

Meanwhile, Levi was still sitting leisurely at the gate of the mansion.

Just then, silhouettes of Jonah’s people emerged from the darkness.

“Levi Garrison, today is your doomsday! You are going to die a horrible death this time!”

At Jonah’s command, the eighteen skilled fighters charged at Levi in unison.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 969

The Garrison family had spent a fortune on training the eighteen skilled fighters who had never acted together before that day.
They were confident that their joined forces would be capable of finishing off anyone.
Exuding a murderous aura, the skilled fighters closed in on Levi.


The blades of their swords swept past the icy air toward Levi.


Levi allowed them to slash his body with the swords, not doing anything to defend himself.

.To the utter dismay of the skilled fighters, only a dull thud was produced when the blades landed on Levi’s body as their swords failed to cut through him

“Mr. Garrison, did you see that? He’s wearing a powerful armor that can protect him from the swords!” one of the skilled fighters from Tang Sect pointed out.




The eighteen skilled fighters tried attacking Levi again and again, but their efforts were futile.

The blades of their swords only ended up being dented.

What kind of armor is Levi Garrison wearing?

His armor must be very strong because our swords are powerful enough to pierce through bulletproof vests made with the most advanced techniques.

“I have a feeling that Levi is wearing the Golden Armor. If he wasn’t, there’s no way he’ll be able to last this long,” Seamus whispered to his father.

“He’s really something!” Jonah tried to catch a glimpse at what Levi looked like, but he couldn’t see the man’s face clearly. He was standing too far away.

Suddenly, a sinister glint shone in Levi’s eyes while the eighteen skilled fighters were attacking him.

“It’s my turn now…”


As soon as Levi spoke, he flew into action, sending the skilled fighters flying some distance away by forcefully kicking them one by one.

The eighteen skilled fighters suffered from his attacks, tossed around as if they were mere figurines.

Soon, all of them slumped on the ground quite far away from Levi.

It was a mind-blowing sight. The Garrison family from Haven could not believe their eyes.

They knew the eighteen skilled fighters well enough to know that they were all extremely talented. The combative power of one of them was equal to the total combative power of ten men like Caleb.

Yet, none of them had been a match for Levi.

“Kill him! Slaughter him now!”

“We have to get rid of Levi tonight, or he will go on to become a great disgrace to our family! Now that even the God of War is aware of his presence, we have to kill him to spare ourselves from the embarrassment!”

Panic-stricken, Jonah dispatched all his men, ordering a full-blown attack on the man at once.

In an instant, a hundred skilled fighters were charging toward Levi.

The man approached them one step at a time.


He allowed them to strike blows after blows at him, not bothering to dodge or fight back.

Levi knew he was well protected by the Golden Armor; he would not be harmed no matter how they tried to hurt him.

The skilled fighters soon discovered something bizarre.

Regardless of how they swung their blades, all strikes were directed by an invisible force, making all blows land on only Levi’s body.

They could never seem to reach the more vulnerable body parts of his, like his neck or his head.

While Levi could withstand their attack without getting hurt, all of them were vulnerable to his attack.



The ground Levi walked past was filled with the fighters who had collapsed.

In the end, none of the skilled fighters dared to go near Levi, considering that he was literally invincible.

There was nothing much all of them could do at the moment.

Eventually, Levi forced them to retreat about one hundred meters.

He was moving closer to Jonah and his family and would reach them soon.

“T-This can’t be happening…”

The eyes of Jonah and his family were filled with utter disbelief when they saw the skilled fighters being defeated by Levi so effortlessly.

How can that bastard be such a prominent fighter?

Why does he seem invincible?

Although Levi stood meters away from them, they still could not make out his face because the surroundings were dimly lit.

“Kill him! Finish him off now!” Jonah bellowed at the top of his lungs.

At that moment, Jonah was seized by a spasm of fear seeing that Levi was only meters away from him.

The latter commented with a hearty laugh, “Jonah, I must say this Golden Armor from you is really as fabulous as you put it! I’m giving it a score of ten out of ten after trying it out with real weapons just now!”

Upon hearing his comment, Jonah and his family looked as though they had been struck by lightning.

That voice certainly rings a bell…

What did he say just now? A gift from us?

Realization slowly dawned upon Jonah and his entire family.

When did we ever give Levi a Golden Armor?

Damn it! Could he be…

Jonah and his family were mortified when they finally realized the truth.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 970

Jonah was left gob smacked. He felt as though his head was going to explode, and his eyeballs were going to pop out of their sockets any minute.
Levi received a Golden Armor from me?
Didn’t I gift that to the God of War earlier today?

Could Levi possibly be the God of War? How could he be such a prominent figure?

While Jonah went lost in his own thoughts, Levi had already made his way right in front of them.

The Garrisons turned to face Levi and what greeted them was a face they had seen earlier that day.

Isn’t this man the God of War?

Having met during the day, the two parties encountered each other again, albeit in a much more awkward manner.

“Jonah, I really love this Golden Armor from you! It’s so much better than the usual bulletproof vests I’ve been wearing.”

Levi flashed the group a good-natured smile.

For some reason, Jonah and his family felt as though their legs just turned into jelly.



One after another, they collapsed onto the ground and knelt before Levi.

The skilled fighters standing around them were left at a loss.

.”What are you lot waiting for? Get down on your knees right now!” Jonah snarled


Immediately, all the skilled fighters were on their knees too.

Levi let out an amused laugh. “Why are you guys kneeling in front of me? Come on, kill me now! Jonah Garrison, aren’t you here to kill me?”

The man he directed his question to was left speechless.

At that moment, everyone in the Garrison family from Haven was made aware of one thing – Levi Garrison was the God of War!

That was certainly a staggering discovery to them.

No wonder the man had been reluctant to admit to the fact that he was one of the Garrisons. No wonder he did not take the Garrison clan in Oakland City seriously.

No wonder he knew about the other purpose of their visit to South City…

No wonder he tipped them off by saying that the bastard of their family was a tough nut to crack and advising them to bring more men with them.

As it turned out, Levi was the God of War!

At that moment, the Garrisons from Haven realized they had made a serious misjudgment.

If Levi were indeed a useless man, how could he have killed Caleb?

How could he have brought his mother back with him?

How could he have destroyed that tombstone?

On top of that, they had made a fool out of themselves by happily telling Levi all about their plan to kill him earlier that day.

After so much hassle, the bastard they had planned to kill turned out to be the God of War.

“We were wrong! God of War, we’ve made a very grave mistake!”

Jonah was scared out of his wits, and his body was drenched in a cold sweat.

He could not believe they had just tried to kill the God of War!

If what they did was known by the army of the Erudia, his entire family would be massacred.

They had really made a grave mistake this time.

“Aren’t you guys an imperial family? Isn’t the blood that runs in you guys a noble one? Is it appropriate of you to kneel in front of a bastard like me?” Sarcasm was evident in Levi’s tone.

“God of War, it’s our honor to get down on our knees in your distinguished presence!” Jonah was eager to butter the man up.

“Are you trying to say that I deserve to be mercilessly killed by you guys if I am not the God of War?”

Jonah and his family were startled when they heard Levi suddenly raise his voice.

“Isn’t the reason why you guys have been trying so hard to hunt my mother and I down because you guys see us as a disgrace to the Garrison family? Don’t you guys think that the blood that runs in me is so filthy that I will only bring nothing but an embarrassment to the family?” The man yelled furiously.

“This…” Jonah was left stumped because it was true that they had thought of Levi and his mother that way.

In their opinion, bastards did not deserve to exist in this world.

“I really wonder what makes you guys think you’re superior to me. Is the blood that runs in you guys? Does that make you think of yourselves as nobler than us? Or is it just because you guys are part of the Garrison family?”

“Now that I’m the God of War, am I finally be good enough to deserve some respect from you? From an orphan, I fought hard and worked my way up to achieve success. Has anyone from your distinguished family achieved something like that?”

“What about Tyrone Garrison? Isn’t he the successor to the head of your family? Out of Tyrone and I, who do you think deserves more respect?” Levi nearly growled at them.

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