The Return of God of War Chapter 971-980

The Return of the God of War Chapter 971

With a note of awkwardness in his voice, Jonah responded, “God of War, of course, you deserve more respect. Tyrone is nothing compared to you!”
Jonah spoke only the truth.
No matter how powerful and influential the Garrison clan and Tyrone Garrison were, the God of War was still way out of their league.

“If that’s the case, what gives him the right to look down on me and call me a bastard? Do he and his family have the right to treat me in such a disrespectful manner?”

“No, of course, they don’t! They have no right to be so rude to you!” Jonah replied eagerly.

At the same time, the man was so terrified – his body was shaking.

“How dare they even think of killing me? Do they have what it takes to do that?” Levi scoffed.

“Very well. You guys are free to send as many men as you like to kill me. I can easily handle them all!”



Jonah and his family quickly offered several bows to plead for Levi’s mercy. “God of War, please spare our lives! We made a mistake by trying to kill you! We didn’t know you were the God of War!”

The entire family pressed their heads against the ground so hard that their foreheads started bleeding.

Jonah looked like he was on the brink of passing out.

“We will accept any request you make as long as you spare our lives!” he implored in a fit of panic.

He knew his entire family would be annihilated if they incurred the God of War’s wrath.

They should not have made their way over to South City.

Never in their wildest dreams did they imagine Levi, the bastard, to turn out to be the God of War.

With a disdainful smile, Levi gave his verdict. “Get lost! I’m not going to kill you guys today! None of you are worth my effort, and your blood will only dirty my hands! The gifts from you lot do offer some compensation, though. They are quite to my liking!”

Jonah and his family let out a sigh of relief when they realized that they would not be killed on the spot.

They were glad that they had sent Levi some gifts earlier that day – that gesture had seemingly successfully saved their lives.

“Will you guys be able to reach Tyrone Garrison?” Levi asked them out of the blue.

“Y-Yes, we can…” Jonah replied.

“Very well, go back and tell Tyrone that my mother and I are still alive and kicking! Ask him to wait for me as I might decide to visit him anytime when I am in a foul mood!”

“But don’t you dare reveal my identity to him. For the hard work, I’ll reward you guys with a huge gift,” Levi instructed.

In quivering voices, the Garrisons responded in unison, “Alright, we’ll convey your message to Tyrone!”

“Get lost now then!”

As soon as Levi allowed them to go, all of them immediately made a run for their lives.

However, Jonah and his sons did not leave right away.

Instead, they approached Kirin and explained everything to him.

“You guys are incorrigible!” Kirin was livid.

No wonder Boss already knew what they were up to earlier today!

They came here to kill Boss!

“There’s nothing left to be said now. From today onward, I will have nothing to do with you guys! If you dare pull something like this again in the future, I will be the first to punish you!” Kirin snapped angrily.

Jonah and his family made their trip back to Haven that night.

They knew they had to lie low during the days that followed if they wished to survive.

“Dad, should we inform the Garrison clan about this? Should we tell them the truth?” Seamus questioned.

“No, we shouldn’t tell them anything! Judging from the God of War’s tone, there must be a feud between him and the Garrison clan! Do we want to get implicated by their clash?” Jonah seethed.

“No, we don’t! After all, they don’t take us seriously – they see us as a bunch of nobodies!”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Make a phone call to Tyrone for me now. I’m going to convey the message to him, and then I’ll leave him to settle the mess himself!”

Just as Jonah was going to dial Tyrone’s number, he received a call from the Garrison clan.

“Dad, someone from the Garrison clan is calling. Seems like they’ve gotten a sniff of what happened already!” Seamus exclaimed.

“Pass me the phone.”

Jonah picked up the call. “Hello…”

An aged and feeble voice came from the other end.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 972

“Jonah Garrison?” said the elderly man in a cool tone.
Jonah’s expression took a sharp turn, and he spoke respectfully, “Greetings, Mr. Edward.”
Jonah’s change in attitude showed just how powerful the other party truly was.

The person speaking to him wasn’t even a high-ranking member of the Garrison clan.

It was a mere servant who had more influence than Caleb.

Edward was the personal attendant who had been assigned to take care of Levi’s biological father, Tyrone Garrison. In fact, the man had been working by Tyrone’s side ever since Tyrone was born.

It could be said that Edward was responsible for dealing with every single matter regarding Tyrone.

Moreover, the man wasn’t just Tyrone’s bodyguard – he was also the latter’s right-hand man.

That was the reason that Edward held incredible power within the Garrison clan, even though he wasn’t a member of the family. Even the master of the Garrison family in Haven had to bow down to him.

They were simply not on the same level.

The Garrison clan of Oakland City was too powerful; even a servant was seen as royalty.

“How did things go? Has everything been settled?” Edward inquired.

Obviously, Edward had already known all about Levi and Emma, despite it being a secret.

Still, given the power of the Garrison clan, it was just a matter of time before they learned all about it, anyway.


Jonah was a little hesitant to reply.

Edward’s tone turned stern immediately. He demanded, “What? Don’t tell me you failed? Jonah Garrison, you are the head of the Garrison clan from Haven! How could you have been bested by a bastard? The Garrison family and I are so disappointed in you. Seriously, what’s the point of keeping trash like you around? All you do is embarrass the Garrison clan!”

Jonah grew upset after being scolded by him.

He’s the freaking God of War! No one can deal with someone like that.

“Why are you staying quiet? Are you discontent? Well, tough luck! There’s no point in being discontent. My gosh, you can’t even kill a bastard. You lot really are nothing but trash,” growled Edward.

“There’s a reason I couldn’t kill him. It doesn’t mean the Garrison family of Haven is weak. We’re certainly not the trash you claim us to be!” yelled Jonah angrily.

“Fine, then tell me what that reason is,” said Edward in an amused tone.

“The reason is that this whole ordeal doesn’t have much to do with me, anyway, so I don’t want to do anything about it. Satisfied?” scoffed Jonah.

“Hah! That is nothing but an excuse coming from a useless man. Well then, I will personally deal with the matter for Master Tyrone. You’ll see how easy it is to kill that b*tch and that bastard!” growled Edward.

Jonah grinned and replied, “In that case, allow me to deliver a message from Levi to Tyrone. He said he and his mother are leading a good life now, but he tells Tyrone to be patient, for there will come a day when they knock on the Garrison family’s door.”

Jonah knew that, as far as the Garrisons from Oakland City were concerned, the extended family members were nothing more than mutts.

Even a mere servant was allowed to insult the extended family.

That poor treatment made Jonah upset, and he suddenly wanted to see Levi crush the Garrison clan in Oakland City.

“What? Did that bastard really say that?” demanded Edward, who was obviously furious. After that, the man added, “You’re actually delivering a message for that bastard? My gosh, Jonah, you really are an embarrassment to the Garrisons. You’re worse than a scoundrel!”

“Go ahead and diss us all you like. I’ll sit back and watch how miserable your attempt to kill him will be.”

There was no way Jonah would warn Edward about Levi’s power after being insulted so thoroughly by the man like that.

“Jonah Garrison, just you wait, you useless piece of shit! I will report this to the higher-ups soon, and the Garrison family of Haven will definitely be disowned!”

After saying his piece, Edward hung up furiously.

“He is really too much!”

Jonah smashed his phone onto the floor out of anger.

He later looked into the distance and murmured, “Why do I get the feeling that he has the ability to crush the Garrison clan in Oakland City?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 973

“How is that possible? So what if he is the God of War? There’s no way he can do anything to the Garrison clan. The clan spent the past thousand years building a firm foundation!” said Seamus, who didn’t believe in Levi.
“We’ll have to wait and see then.”
On the other side of the line, Edward was still waiting in the Northern region.

The man looked grouchy.

“Trash. Utter trash! They can’t even kill a bastard, so how can they be allowed to call themselves a part of the Garrison clan?” he fumed.

“That’s right! The Garrison clan has plenty of members in Erudia, but none of them are of any use. Stupid trash! They’re not worthy of being a part of the Garrison clan, even if they bear the same surname!”

A few others chimed in and gave their two cents as well.

“What do we do next, Edward? Should we deliver Levi’s message to Master Tyrone?” someone asked daringly.

“No! We can’t let this matter affect Master Tyrone at a crucial moment like this. We have to deal with everything in secret,” informed Edward grimly. “The Succession Ceremony is right around the corner, and Master Tyrone is about to be named the head of the Garrison clan. If news about that b*tch and bastard gets out at a time like this, trouble will most definitely follow.”

“Moreover, if Master Tyrone becomes the new head of the Garrison clan, we will become the most powerful servants within the clan. Such a matter will affect our future as well!” chimed another member.

Edward’s eyes shone with eccentricity as he said, “Exactly! As the servants, it is our duty to protect Master Tyrone and help him become the next head. We shall kill anyone who threatens his position, be it Levi Garrison or Emma Jones. As for how we’ll go about doing that… Well, I have a great idea.”

Edward’s lips curved into a cruel smile.

Tyrone had long craved the position of the head of the Garrison clan.

The man once said that he would forgo everything and be as cruel as he needed to be to claw his way up to that position.

That was why the act of abandoning Emma and Levi meant nothing to him.

Compared to the position as the head of the Garrison clan, Emma and Levi were nothing.

Edward received a call at that moment.

The call was from Damien – Tyrone’s legitimate son.

He was the son Tyrone had with his wife, whom he married after he abandoned Levi and Emma.

Edward and the others had been there at every stage of Damien’s life.

Hence, they knew just how cruel the man really was.

Tyrone alone was a heartless and merciless being, but Damien somehow managed to be ten times worse than his father.

The man will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

“Edward, I’ve learned about everything. My dad is on the verge of succeeding in obtaining the position as the head of the Garrison clan. You know what will happen if those two show up at a time like this, don’t you?” sneered Damien.

“We know what to do, Mr. Damien. We will definitely kill your brother, Levi Garrison, and his mother,” replied Edward was quick to speak, and he accidentally used the wrong term in the process.

“He is not my brother! That man is nothing but a bastard, and he is not worthy to be called my brother. I will soon be the successor to the most prominent family in Erudia, and he will stay a useless bastard. I’m warning you right now. Damien Garrison does not have a brother. I am my father’s only son. Do you hear me? Kill them! You must kill both that bastard and his mother. Do not let them survive,” Damien barked endlessly on the other end of the line.

All it took was one word from Edward to infuriate Damien.

As far as Damien was concerned, calling Levi his brother was a huge insult.

Damien regarded himself as the heir of two noble bloodlines, whereas Levi was nothing but a bastard with mixed blood. His blood is tainted, and he’s inferior! How can they compare a noble being like me to that… thing?

“If you fail to crush those two, you will be the ones I kill,” threatened Damien grimly.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 974

Edward and the others present were scared senseless.
The former, in particular, realized that he had made a mistake and that the only way out of it was to kill Levi Garrison.
“By the way, Levi sent a message over, Mr. Damien.”

Edward later told Damien everything Jonah had told him.

The latter was infuriated when he heard the message. “What? That bastard wants to come over and walk into our home?”

“I think so. I’m guessing he refused to let go of this rare opportunity after learning about his family background. He will do anything to get into the family and force the Garrison clan to recognize him as a member,” suggested Edward.

“That is ridiculous! He wants to join the Garrison clan? Who does he think he is? He is nothing but a bastard, so he can dream on. The Garrison clan is the best of the best, and we don’t take in useless bastards like that. No way am I going to let that bastard be a member of our family and be listed in our family tree. Not a chance in hell!” Damien shouted.

“I don’t think he will let this opportunity go so easily, Mr. Damien. He already knows who he is, and he knows that his life will be elevated once he is recognized by the family.”

“He can forget about ever stepping foot in the Garrison clan home! Hell, even thinking about kneeling before us and our ancestors is a privilege he is not worthy of,” roared Damien cruelly.

Both of them misunderstood Levi’s intention.

They assumed that the man would be begging to be admitted into the family and be recognized as one.

However, when Levi said he would be visiting the Garrison family home, he meant that he would be kicking the door down and bringing chaos.

“And that is why you have three days. He must die in three days! That bastard has been breathing for too long as it is, and that itself is a huge enough insult to the entire Garrison clan.”

Damien was furious and murderous when he thought about the so-called brother he had never met before.

“Understood. I promise it will be done discreetly.”

Edward took off that very night, and he brought his men with him to South Hampton.

The Garrison clan had an enormous base in the city – it was practically the economic pillar of South Hampton.

However, it operated in the dark, so no one knew about it.

Even the most prominent family in South Hampton, the Goel family, was unaware of its existence.

All outsiders knew was that there was a company named Pinnacle Group.

They didn’t realize that it was one of Tyrone’s companies and that he used it to manage the Garrison clan’s assets in the South.

It turns out that the company was under Caleb’s management.

Zoey had been busy working on the new project those few days.

Unfortunately, Iris came running that day, telling her that the project had hit a snag.

At first, they didn’t have any competitors, allowing Morris Group to take over easily. Everything had been set in stone and ready.

However, a large-scale company popped out of nowhere that day, and it threatened to snatch the project away in the most domineering way.

Iris had rushed over to inform Zoey about it.

“Which company are we talking about?” asked the latter curiously.

“It’s a company called Pinnacle Group from South Hampton. It popped out of nowhere, but its powers are incredible. The company basically controls South Hampton’s economy, and Morris Group is definitely not its competitor,” replied Iris.

Zoey investigated Pinnacle Group right away.

The company’s information had never been a secret, but it was a little difficult to learn about them.

She spent some time on it and eventually discovered something.

“The company is owned by Tyrone Garrison… That name sounds familiar. Where have I heard this name before?” she murmured before she recalled who the man was, and a chill ran down her spine. She then let out a gasp. “Wait, Tyrone Garrison… Isn’t he Levi’s biological dad?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 975

Competing against the Garrison clan? What chance do we really have of winning if we do such a thing?
Zoey’s first instinct was to give up.
After all, what were the chances of her actually succeeding? Especially if they already had it out for her.

Iris’ secretary walked into the office at that moment to deliver a message.

The woman turned pale upon hearing Zoey’s words. She then informed, “Pinnacle Group’s person-in-charge will be here this afternoon. I’m guessing they are here to talk about the project. You should attend that meeting.”


Zoey took a few deep breaths.

So what if Tyrone owns the company? So what if the Garrison clan is ridiculously powerful? I’m the one who got the project first. I will not let Pinnacle Group take it away from me!

Levi examined Zoey closely during lunch and commented, “What’s wrong? You look troubled.”

“It’s nothing. I’m just dealing with some issues from work.”

She never told him about the issue with Pinnacle Group.

She worried that unnecessary mayhem would ensue if he knew about Tyrone’s advances.

It’s probably a better idea to keep quiet. After all, there is no way a puny enterprise like ours can deal with a corporate giant like that.

That afternoon, a number of luxurious, black cars drove up.

The people from Pinnacle Group had arrived.

Zoey personally welcomed them.

The ones in charge were a woman and two men. Their assistants were following close behind, and all of them were obviously out for blood.

“Zoey Lopez? So it really is you!” said the woman before she chuckled aloud.

“And you are…”

The woman had on a pair of sunglasses, so Zoey could not recognize her.

The latter trembled, and her eyes shone with surprise when the woman took her sunglasses off. She then mumbled, “I-it’s you!”

“You remember me? Aw, I thought you’d forgotten all about me,” replied the woman as a stunning grin appeared on her face.

“Y-you’re the person-in-charge of Pinnacle Group?”

“Thanks to you. I’ve been well after you guys chased me out of North Hampton, and I am now the vice president of Pinnacle Group!” The woman smiled.

That woman was Lyndsay Granger, Zoey’s ex-BFF and senior.

She was the one who brought Zoey into the field and was, in a way, the one who taught Zoey most of what she knew.

Lyndsay had cared for her in every way.

However, she later discovered that it was all a lie.

Lyndsay had only been nice to her to get close to Levi.

At the time, the man had already founded Levi Group, and his career was taking off at an incredible speed.

Lyndsay’s greed slowly showed itself soon after. She continuously hurt Zoey from behind the scenes and created a number of illusions to make Levi misunderstand Zoey.

Lyndsay’s worst scheme in her quest to separate the couple was having her men drag Zoey into a hotel, where they almost raped her.

When Levi learned about all that, he chased Lyndsay out of North Hampton.

Hence, the two women were now enemies.

That made Lyndsay an eyesore for Zoey.

The latter scoffed and said, “Then I guess there is no need to enter the building. Our company does not welcome vile b*tches.”

“What is that supposed to mean, Zoey Lopez? I am Pinnacle Group’s representative. How dare you turn Pinnacle Group away!” growled Lyndsay.

In the end, Zoey had no choice but to lead all of them into the building.

Once they got inside the meeting room, Zoey immediately said, “Let’s get to the point, shall we? I’m busy.”

Lyndsay grinned and replied, “We’re here about the project. We heard your company has already accepted it.”

“That’s right. The project has already been taken. You guys have no shot at obtaining it anymore. You can’t exactly steal it now, can you?” Zoey stated firmly.

Lyndsay smiled. “We’re actually here to steal that project.”

The woman then stood and looked her up and down before adding, “Zoey, I’m sure you’ve learned all about what Pinnacle Group is capable of. I am here on behalf of the company and am commanding you to give it up. Hand the project over to us!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 976

Domineering, arrogant, and blatant cruelty.
That was Pinnacle Group’s style.
Lyndsay and the others knew just how powerful the force supporting Pinnacle Group was, so they did not refrain from making demands.

They had never been afraid of anyone because of that knowledge.

In fact, the entire southern region would know about Lyndsay if Pinnacle Group’s motto wasn’t to stay in the dark and to control everything from behind the scenes.

Zoey was taken aback by the woman’s direct and domineering words.

They’re going to snatch it away just like that? And she’s daring enough to command me without a hint of shame! They have no right to do such shitty things.

She had been tempted to give the project up when she learned that Pinnacle Group was after it.

However, that option had become one she would never opt for when she laid eyes on Lyndsay.

Why should I give up?

“Sorry, but you are not my boss. You don’t have the authority to command me to do anything. Moreover, our company has already gotten the project. You guys can’t snatch it away even if you want to!” scoffed Zoey.

“And who told you that you already have the project?” Lyndsay asked cruelly.

“Our client, of course. We’ve already met and discussed everything. The project belongs to Oriental Star Group, and you guys are too late. Please leave.”

Zoey had just discussed the terms with the client – she had even paid the deposit.

It was then that Lyndsay let out a small smile.

“Oh, the project belongs to you? Have you signed the contract then?”

“I…” blurted Zoey, who was somewhat stunned. She later added, “Regardless, I have already paid the deposit. If the client goes back on his word, he will have to pay for the legal damages.”

Zoey held her head high as she glared at Lyndsay.

The former suddenly received a call at that moment – it was from the client.

The client was willing to pay three times the legal damage to terminate their collaboration with Morris Group.

“Feel free to continue competing for the project, though. At first, there weren’t any viable competitors against Morris Group, but one showed up recently,” informed the other party via the phone.

The project was more scientific in nature, so Pinnacle Group wasn’t exactly equipped to be too involved.

Getting the other party to cancel the collaboration was the most Pinnacle Group could do.

As a result, Zoey was in fair competition against Tyrone’s company.

“So? Are you still certain that the project is yours?”

Lyndsay crossed her arms and asked arrogantly.

“You…” growled Zoey. She was fuming at that moment.

She had known Pinnacle Group to be powerful, but she hadn’t expected them to have such a strong influence. It was strong enough to get the client to breach the contract. They did all that just to get to us.

However, the more unreasonable Pinnacle Group was, the more Zoey wanted to fight.

She wanted to get back at her competitor if nothing else.

“You’ve seen what we’re capable of. Are you sure you want to go against us?” taunted Lyndsay with a smile.

“We’ve investigated you, Ms. Zoey Lopez. Oriental Star Group won’t even make it to our radar if it doesn’t have Morris Group backing it up. As far as we are concerned, Oriental Star Group is nothing but a powerless maggot,” said a representative of Pinnacle Group.

Everyone else chuckled tauntingly.

Lyndsay grinned and added, “It’s even less of a deal when we don’t even give a shit about Morris Group. Just hand the project over without making a fuss, Zoey. There’s actually something in it for you if you do so. Moreover, going against us will only destroy you. It might even get you killed.”

“Are you threatening me?” Zoey questioned sharply, her expression turning grave.

Lyndsay feigned innocence and claimed, “How could that possibly be a threat? I am simply… giving you some suggestions as your BFF. You’ll get something great out of it.”

“My BFF? I don’t have friends like you! Don’t bother putting up an act in front of me,” Zoey gritted out.

“Haha, you just wait and see then. Not only will this project be ours, but your company will also soon belong to us,” announced Lyndsay before she laughed aloud.

Pinnacle Group was already planning on acquiring a few sizable enterprises, and both Oriental Star Group and Morris Group were already on their list.

“Oh my, how arrogant of you.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 977

A voice rang up at that moment, and everyone turned to see Levi strolling into the conference room.
“You! Levi Garrison!”
Lyndsay gritted her teeth, revealing her nasty nature as soon as she spotted the man.

Levi had been cruel in chasing Lyndsay out of the city after her evil plan was exposed.

“Acquiring Oriental and Morris? Dream on, woman!” scoffed Levi.

When Levi first heard that Pinnacle Group was there to cause trouble, he looked into the company. He was surprised to see that it belonged to his biological father, Tyrone.

He had rushed over immediately after.

As suspected, a meeting was ongoing.

Shameless vixens like Lyndsay are thriving in Pinnacle Group. Guess that proves what a terrible company Pinnacle Group really is.

“Your Oriental and Morris? Hahaha..” Lyndsay let out a boisterous laugh.

Levi stared at her like he was looking at a lunatic.

“How shameless of you to say that, Levi Garrison. Oriental Star Group belongs to Zoey and might, in a way, be yours. However, what does Morris Group have anything to do with you?” scoffed Lyndsay.

“I’m going to be frank with you all. We’re definitely acquiring Morris Group, and Oriental Star Group is going down with it!” someone from the side chirped.

Pinnacle Group had always operated from the dark, and Tyrone was the sole reason it was making itself known at that moment.

Tyrone was about to inherit the position as the head of the Garrison clan in Oakland City.

To achieve that, he needed to earn the approval of every member of the Garrison clan.

That was why he needed ridiculously amazing achievements on his resume.

The man owned corporations all over Erudia that all operated from the shadows. Now was the moment they needed to show themselves to the world. He needed to expand their operations ten folds within a short frame of time.

Pinnacle Group, which was under Lyndsay, was tasked with acquiring Morris Group and other sizable enterprises.

“Okay, we’ll see who comes out on top,” Levi replied sweetly with a smile.

Tyrone wishes to acquire my company? Hah! Dream on, old man. There’s no saying which company will end up acquiring the other.

“So, Zoey, are you sure you’re not going to back down?” asked Lyndsay.

“I’m very sure!”

“Okay, just you wait then. I’ll defeat you mercilessly, and after I acquire your company, I will force you to get on your knees!”

Lyndsay and the others walked away proudly after saying their piece.

Zoey bit her lip lightly before she turned to Levi and asked, “So you’ve learned about everything?”

“Yeah. You didn’t need to hide anything from me, though. Tyrone and I are bound to meet eventually,” he replied.

She nodded.

That actually makes sense.

She then thought about how they were about to go to war with Tyrone’s company.

“Pinnacle Group is too powerful. It’s the secret entity controlling everything in South Hampton. I’m not confident about going against it.” She sighed.

She had only been that persistent earlier because she was at odds with Lyndsay.

However, the difference in their power was too great in an actual war.

“Why are you worried? They don’t get to cause mayhem in our territory,” commented Levi; he didn’t see Pinnacle Group as a threat at all.

“I’m not a coward, but Pinnacle Group is too strong. Even Morris Group has no shot against it,” replied Zoey exasperatedly.

The difference in the strength of the two companies was too much, and it was not something that hard work and determination could make up for.

“So, are you giving up on that project?” Levi asked.

“No way! I’ll be sure to fight for it,” Zoey declared firmly.

She thought about how the project would elevate herself and make it so that neither the Lopez nor the Black families could control her anymore.

That thought alone pumped Zoey up.

“You can work on other projects if you want to let this one go. Just inform Iris about it,” said Levi.

You’re the boss. All you have to do is say the word, and you can get another project.

“Levi, that project values over a hundred billion. There aren’t many projects like that out there. We can’t just pick and choose to switch as we please.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 978

Zoey stared at Levi incredulously.
How could he change the project so casually?
This is a project worth hundreds of billions.

Has he gotten too used to being a lay about?

How could he make everything sound so casual?

Little did she know that it only took one sentence from her to change a project.

The Pinnacle Group owned a large building in South City, which Lyndsay and the other senior management members returned to.

“It’s simple. Just get rid of this hundred billion technology project first. We can then chip away at Morris Group bit by bit!”

Lyndsay and the others had already planned out the annexation in detail.

They were in deep discussion when the door to the conference room was suddenly pushed open.

Seven people walked in.

An old man dressed in a green suit was leading the group. His imposing mannerism combined with the murderous aura he emitted made everyone present hold their breaths.

“W-welcome, M-Mr. Edward, thank you for honoring us with your presence. W-we apologize for…”

The few senior management members of Pinnacle Group immediately knelt down in his presence.

“Kneel immediately!”

Trembling with trepidation, Lyndsay and the rest all got on their knees.

The Garrison clan imposed very strict rules on their members; they were expected to kneel the moment any of them met a person of high ranking.

Otherwise, it would be considered as a show of disrespect, which was akin to a straight path to hell.

Jayden Yolander, the current leader of Pinnacle Group, understood that this meant that something big was about to happen.

Someone of Edward’s level would not appear even once in thirty years.

Therefore, for him to make an appearance meant that something big was about to happen.

“I heard that you all have done quite well, seeing as to how you already have South Hampton’s economy under your control. Continue your expansion and fight to acquire all the property in the South. This will be of incredible help to Master Tyrone once he secures his position as the leader of the Garrison clan!” Edward proclaimed loudly.

“Understood. We’re now planning to acquire Morris Group that is basking in the limelight right now. This will definitely be an added advantage to us,” Jayden informed.

He then asked bravely, “Are you here for that bastard, Mr. Edward?”

“Indeed I am. He has already become a snake in the grass, and I have to get rid of him personally!” Edward replied coldly.

“Which bastard?”

Lyndsay and the rest were all puzzled by his remark.

“Of course I will let you know who he is! He’s actually right here. He’s Levi Garrison…”

Edward told them the gist of everything.

Lyndsay flew into a rage when she heard that the man Edward was referring to was Levi. “People like him should have been killed a long time ago!”

“Oh, would you mind elaborating further on why you’re so angered?” Edward asked her curiously.

“Levi is an unscrupulous, materialistic, and insidiously cunning person! I think he will definitely make use of his position as an Oakland City Garrison to do something… I know his character very well! I have no doubt that he will use himself and his mother to threaten the Garrison clan!”

Edward turned furious. “Indeed, once a bastard, always a bastard! So what if he has noble blood running through his veins? Clearly, he’s a bastard who’s unworthy of belonging in our family. How can such a despicable person call himself a Garrison when he is filled with nothing but deep-rooted shamelessness?”

Edward felt that Levi had become a huge invisible threat.

“Die, the bastard must die!” the former shouted vehemently.

“Mr. Edward, how do you propose we deal with him? Will you be personally handling it?” Jayden asked.

Would it be overkill to have Edward deal with it directly?

“It is not appropriate for me to do such a thing as it could impact Master Tyrone negatively if people notice it,” Edward replied firmly.

“Now, you go ahead and release a kill order on the dark web. Whoever kills Levi Garrison and Emma Jones within one day will be rewarded with three billion!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 979

Lyndsay inhaled sharply when she heard that.
Three billion just to take Levi’s wretched life?
Isn’t that being overly generous?

How could Levi the low life be worth that much?

She was not the only one who felt that the price for Levi’s head was a little too high.

Nonetheless, this was Edward’s command, and it was imperative that Jayden follows through.

The man immediately released this information on the dark web.

Swiftly, numerous elite fighters and assassins heeded the call.

The top fighters outside of Erudia could not do anything but watch enviously as the deadline was way too short for them to make a trip for the mission.

They could barely reach Erudia in time, let alone kill Levi.

Suddenly, all the elite fighters of Southern Erudia had gathered enthusiastically.

Nobody had any time to lose.

After all, three billion was being offered!

“Mr. Edward, within thirty minutes, around one hundred top assassins have heeded the call. The number is still growing!”

Jayden smiled in glee as he reported to Edward.

“Alright, no matter how much of a genius Levi Garrison is, he will not escape this time!”

In comparison to Jayden, Edward was completely calm.

The latter was suddenly reminded of Jonah Garrison, so he gave the man a call.

“You better watch out, Jonah, you piece of trash. You’re going to see how Levi is going to die in one day.”

Stunned, the other man on the line immediately shouted, “Edward, listen to me and get yourself back to Oakland City as quick as you can! Tell Tyrone about this and let him handle it. Don’t get yourself involved in this.”

“Haha, why should I do that? Should I be afraid of him? I can handle something small like this on my own. Why would I need to trouble Master Tyrone?”

Edward was full of confidence.

He could not imagine what kind of ability Levi would possess in order to survive under such extreme conditions.

“Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Hmph, all of you useless good-for-nothings! And you dare call yourselves Garrisons?”

Jonah let out a bitter laugh. “Another ignoramus.”

Edward completely disregarded the man’s words, merely viewing him as a useless coward.

Moreover, what waves could a bastard like Levi raise?

Lyndsay was the happiest of them all when she found out that Levi was about to die.

The woman still held a deep grudge over how Levi had driven her out of the city six years ago. Revenge had always been on her mind.

She had the intention to kill both Levi and Zoey, and the opportunity was being presented itself before her right now.

After Levi died, she wished to torture Zoey to death.

The workers of Morris Group finished their work when night fell.

Levi and Zoey were about to head home when they saw Lyndsay waiting for them.

“What’s the matter? Old friends can’t come looking for each other? Are you two actually going to ignore me like this?”

Lyndsay sniggered.

“Can we help you?” Levi asked coldly.

“I’m here to deliver a piece of bad news.”

Lyndsay couldn’t help but chuckle in anticipation at seeing the look on their faces.


Levi was baffled. She’s here to tell me what?

“Zoey, please give us a moment. I’ve something to say to him!”

Levi patted Zoey lightly in assurance and the woman walked to one side.

“Alright. What sort of news are you here to tell me?” Levi asked.

“You’re about to die!”

Lyndsay stared at Levi, a ferocious expression playing on her face.

“You will not live to see tomorrow morning’s sun! I’ve been waiting for this day to come for a very long time. It’s a pity that you’ll be unable to watch how I’ll torture Zoey after your death. Don’t worry though, she will surely come and keep you company in hell!”

Lyndsay then let out a loud laugh maniacally.

“I’m about to die? Hahaha…”

Upon seeing Levi laugh, Lyndsay looked at him, confused.

Wasn’t… wasn’t he afraid of death?

“I’m telling you, you are definitely going to die soon, despite who you may be!”

She gritted her teeth in anger.

With a deepened smile, the man said, “Let’s have a bet, shall we? I bet that I will still be alive tomorrow! Just you wait and see!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 980

“Alright, if I see you alive tomorrow, I’ll kneel in front of you right here, at your company entrance!”
Lyndsay agreed to the bet he proposed right away.
She knew about the plans that had been set in motion and also knew that Edward was the one overlooking the fight.

There was no way Levi will be able to avoid death.

This was why she was able to engage in the bet.


Levi then approached Zoey from behind.

The latter asked curiously, “Why was Lyndsay look for you?”

“She says she wants to kneel in front of me tomorrow…” Levi answered nonchalantly.

The woman stared at him with astonishment. “Oh? Has Lyndsay gone mad? She actually wants to kneel in front of you?”

“She might have just found her conscience! We shall wait to watch her kneel tomorrow.”

Zoey was still befuddled by the whole situation. “That’s strange. Why would she suddenly say such an absurd thing?”

After dinner that night, Levi left the manor.

From what Lyndsay had told him, he knew that the Garrison clan was about to take action on him.

The matter was no longer about the different branch families. It was definitely the Garrison clan from Oakland City.

Hence, he needed to do some preparation to counter their attacks.

Levi soon arrived at the warzone compound.

“Phoenix, run a check on all the strangers that have entered South City today and sieve out all the targets!” Levi commanded.

“Alright, but there is a certain level of difficulty here. I will need to activate the Iron Brigade’s Skynet in order to run such a check.”

Phoenix frowned.

Levi nodded. “Alright, I’ll grant you the access authority!”

The Iron Brigade’s Skynet would aid Phoenix’s investigation as it covered every corner of the city.

This would mean that the elite fighters, who had come into the city to murder Levi, had nowhere to hide. They were all covered by this Skynet.

“At the same time, get the Cavalry Regiment ready. When Phoenix confirms the targets, Azure Dragon, get rid of every one of them!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Azure Dragon nodded.

After giving all the instructions, Levi headed home to accompany his mother and Zoey as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, at Golden Plaza.

Edward and Jayden, together with the rest of them, were paying constant close attention to the situation.

Lyndsay was very concerned about this particular matter, so she had requested to stay.

“Mr. Edward, up till now, three hundred and eighty-eight elite fighters have arrived! The numbers are growing, and it is expected to grow till five hundred before twelve o’clock!”

Jayden chuckled quietly. “Five hundred elite fighters? No matter how powerful he claims to be, Levi won’t know what hit him!”

“All of them are top assassins! He will have no chance at survival!” Edward growled coldly.

This was because they had purposely set a prerequisite when they released the mission on the dark web – only top elites were allowed to take up this mission.

Levi was about to be assassinated by the top five hundred elite fighters.

Lyndsay was extremely excited to hear of such plans.

Death will surely claim Levi, even if the man has ten lives!

How could he place such a bet saying that he will survive the attacks?

Hah, what a joke!

Levi Garrison, you still want me to kneel before you?

That won’t ever happen!

You will never have such an opportunity in this lifetime!

I will not give it to you!

Finally, twelve o’clock arrived.

“How many people have now gathered?” Edward questioned.

Damien had already pressed him about the situation once.

It seemed like the Garrison clan of Oakland City was growing anxious about the matter.

“There’s currently a total of five hundred and thirty-eight people! The reward is abundant, so people are rushing to make their way here!” Jayden informed gleefully.

“Alright, let them begin their hunt!” Edward commanded.

The leader of Pinnacle Group immediately released the command in the dark web: Commence action!

“Levi, don’t blame me for killing you. Bastards simply have no place in this world!”

A chilly glare flashed across Edward’s eyes.

Once the command aired, people began hunting Levi Garrison, roaming every corner of South City for him.

Many fixed their eyes on Levi’s residence, planning to target him there.

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