The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2047

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2047

“…W-who are you…?!” said Adler, his fear now apparent in his eyes. After all, he was now certain that there was nothing on Gerald’s chest. However, that meant that the tip of the dagger was currently against his skin! Why the hell hadn’t it pierced through him yet? Was his skin made of steel or something?!

“I’m just a person from Weston,” replied Gerald as he grabbed Adler by the neck, not wanting to play any more games with this person.

Before Adler could even resist, a loud, ‘snap’ could be heard… and just like that, Adler was dead.

After looking at the corpse for a while, Gerald dragged it to the back of the house. Following that, he used the Herculean Primordial Spirit to gather immense heat in his hand… and within a blink of an eye, Adler’s corpse completely evaporated.

With the body now gone, Gerald dusted his hands and looked around to see if there were any witnesses. Seeing no one, Gerald then re-entered the house…

Seeing that Gerald was now back, Aiden—who had earlier heard signs of fighting outside—immediately got to his feet and asked, “Is he still trying to look for trouble, brother Gerald?”

Had Gerald not prohibited him from leaving, he would’ve surely picked a fight with Adler earlier…

Whatever the case was, Gerald simply waved his hand as he replied, “He’s no more. With that said, nobody is allowed to bring this incident up again.”

Before Aiden could ask for more details, Gerald had already returned to his room, closing the door behind him…

Though he was puzzled, Aiden eventually sat back down to finish his soup. He didn’t even bother asking Master Ghost about it since both of them had remained seated there earlier, completely unaware of what Gerald had done.

Knowing that he wasn’t going to get any answers, once he was done with his soup, Aiden then returned to his room to sleep…

The very next morning, instead of being awoken by Gerald or Master Ghost, Aiden was snapped awake by a racket not too far from their house.

Wondering if something serious had happened again, Aiden then hopped out of bed and put on a coat before walking out of his room. Upon walking past the dining room, he saw that Gerald was having his breakfast, cool as a cucumber. It almost seemed like he didn’t hear all the noise outside at all.

Raising a slight brow, Aiden then opened the front door… Only to realize that a group of people had gathered right outside their house! Including the person in charge of Japan—that they had previously met—, the group consisted of special forces from various other countries.

Wondering what all the ruckus was about, Aiden frowned slightly as he asked, “…What seems to be the problem here?”

Hearing that, the person in charge showed Aiden his identification card before replying, “Yes, well, before anything else, we’d like to ask whether you’ve seen Mr. Adler from Yanam recently, Mr. Baker. From what I’ve heard, you and him had a dispute yesterday, and I find it quite odd that he mysteriously disappeared right after that!”

Remembering what Gerald had said the previous night, Aiden simply replied, “No, I haven’t.”

“I beg your pardon? Look, some of the participants heard him looking for trouble with you last night. Are you absolutely sure you didn’t meet him then?” said the person in charge.

For a special forces member from overseas to go missing in a foreign country, the person in charge knew that he had to find the culprit. Otherwise, he would surely be held accountable for this incident. This was no longer a small matter…

“While it’s true that he tried to bother us last night, we simply ignored him. Following that, he left and we have no idea where he went off to. Not that it concerns us,” replied Aiden.

Upon hearing that, the person in charge then turned to look at those behind him while asking, “Have any of you seen him since then?”

Naturally, all of them shook their heads, unwilling to be involved in the incident. After all, if Adler truly was in trouble—or even dead—everyone knew that the matter wouldn’t be easily resolved…

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