The Ultimate Husband [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2540

Darryl Darby: The Ultimate Husband novel [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2540

Meanwhile, at the Lunar Hill in Middle Terra.

Lunar Hill was located in the midsection of Middle Terra. The hill extended for a few thousand kilometers. The scenery was so beautiful; it was a famous spot in Middle Terra.

There was a grand building on the top of the hill. That was the Endless Sky Organization’s main altar.

The Endless Sky Organization was formed three years ago. Its disciples were all over the place on the Nine Mainland. Due to their mysterious principles, no one else knew the location of their main altar.

However, after Zhang Jue poisoned Jackie and controlled the Endless Sky Organization completely with his despicable plan, he had set the main altar at Lunar Hill.

At that moment, on the main altar.

Zhang Jue sat on the throne seat; his entire body released a strong aura. A smile appeared on his hideous face. A day ago, he had captured the Carter family, and all of them were locked in the prison at the main altar.

The next step was to release the news to Darryl so that he would fall into his trap.

Tens of Endless Sky Organization elite disciples stood neatly behind the throne seat, together with the Hall Masters from each hall. They all appeared to be respectful.

A significant tremor from the sky and earth was sensed at that exact instant. It felt sacrosanct and should not be disrespected.

Everyone’s facial expression changed when they felt the intense vibration. They were all terrified.

Zhang Jue furrowed his brows. “What is the big deal? Go take a look at what is going on!”

After he finished speaking, a few elite disciples rushed outside the main hall to take a look. “Master, the tremor seemed to originate from the direction of the Wild Deserted Secret Region,” they reported promptly.

When he heard that, Zhang Jue instantly stood up and proceeded toward the main hall entrance. He cast a glance up into the sky.

Zhang Jue’s body trembled when he witnessed the phenomenon. He was immersed in thought.

“Master, such a phenomenon indicates the birth of a grand weapon.”

“That is correct. When Donoghue escaped and died in the Wild Deserted Secret Region three years ago, the Sky Breaking Axe was nowhere to be found. Could it be—”

“That is highly possible…”

Everyone was talking about it, and they were all incredibly emotional.


Zhang Jue regained his composure at that point. He exhaled deeply and shook his head as he remarked, “Such a phenomenon is not a powerful weapon. It is the birth of an enchanted beast.”

Zhang Jue was well-known for several thousand years; he was extremely knowledgeable. He could plainly discern that the phenomenon was not the same as when the great weapon was born. It was important to understand that the birth of an enchanted beast would also cause such a sky and earth vibration.

An enchanted beast?

When they heard that, everyone looked at each other with interest.

Zhang Jue spoke without hesitation. “Gather all the disciples and rush to the Wild Deserted Secret Region. Remember, we have to get there before the other Nine Mainland sects.”

‘I was in charge of the biggest cultivation organization in the Nine Mainland. If I can tame an enchanted beast, I will be the strongest person in the world. As such, it must be done before anyone. I can not give this chance to anyone else.’

“Yes, Master!”

Half an hour later, after they had gathered a few ten thousand elite disciples, all of them, led by Zhang Jue, set off grandly toward the Wild Deserted Secret Region.

After a few hours of progress, Zhang Jue finally led the ten thousand disciples to the Valley of Death in the Wild Deserted Secret Region.

That was right; the vibration that shocked the sky and earth came from deep inside of the Valley of Death.


Zhang Jue took a deep breath as he peered around the Valley of Death’s landscape. Then he issued stern commands. “Cut the trees and move the stones. Set up the formation for the valley entrance per my instructions.”

Zhang Jue was wise. He knew the rest of the sects would arrive soon. It would not be an easy task to stop them. The best way was to make a formation at the entrance to block those people. That would give him enough time to tame the enchanted beast.

“Yes, Master!”

The few ten thousand disciples uniformly responded after Zhang Jue spoke. They began to cut the trees and move massive rocks under Zhang Jue’s orders. They started to set up the formation.

The vibration in the Wild Deserted Secret Region had caused chaos all over Nine Mainland. At that moment, everyone from various sects and mercenary groups rushed toward the Wild Deserted Secret Region.

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