The Ultimate Husband [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2543

Darryl Darby: The Ultimate Husband novel [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2543

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

After he spoke, almost a thousand elite disciples leaped into the air and charged toward the giant scaled dragon.

Most of those elite disciples were Martial Saints; the lowest levels were Martial Marquis. When all the disciples exploded their auras simultaneously, it twisted the sky on top of them. The aura was intimidating.

The giant scaled dragon went berserk when it felt the danger around him.


A loud dragon roar was heard from the giant scaled dragon. Next, its massive tail swung toward the one thousand disciples!


In the blink of an eye, a few thousand disciples shouted terribly. All of them started to fall from the middle of the sky and into pools of blood.


Zhang Jue’s face looked horrible when he saw that.

He thought he would be able to take the scaled dragon down. He did not expect the scaled dragon to be so scary. In the blink of an eye, it had injured one thousand of his disciples.

“Let us take care of it.” The dozens of Hall Masters looked at each other and roared angrily. They activated their skills and started to battle intensely with the giant scaled dragon.

In the blink of an eye, both parties had battled for more than half an hour. Zhang Jue’s disciples were either dead or injured. They had suffered severe casualties.

As for the scaled dragon, it got fiercer!

At that point, Zhang Jue had no choice but to act.

However, Zhang Jue was surprised that the giant scaled dragon’s defense was really strong and sensitive. Zhang Jue could not control it despite using his unique technique.

At that moment, Zhang Jue did not know that the Black Sand Python that had transformed into a scaled dragon was the same python that had attacked Donoghue and swallowed the dragon ball. After it absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, it had transformed into a scaled dragon in just three years.

Over the past three years, the Black Sand Python had been hiding deep in the cave. As such, Darryl did not manage to locate it despite looking for it for so long.

At that moment, the scaled dragon was about to overcome its bottleneck; it was ready to transform into a real dragon. Even though it had not completely transformed into a dragon, the scaled dragon’s defense had achieved an insane level. It was not a level that an ordinary cultivator could break through.


Zhang Jue’s face darkened as a result of the tough combat. He was enraged.

‘I don’t care if you are going to transform into a dragon. I don’t believe we can’t control you as there are so many of us!’


Zhang Jue took a long breath and gazed intently at the giant scaled dragon as he screamed, “Everyone, charge! We must defeat that giant scaled dragon.”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

Right after he spoke, all the disciples around him exploded their internal energy and charged toward the giant scaled dragon.


The giant scaled dragon was furious. It opened its huge mouth and let out a sky-shaking roar. It swung its long tail!

Woo, woo!

The wind howled fiercely, and layers of deadly mist spewed from the giant scaled dragon’s jaws. At the same time, there was a searing flame in the middle.


In the blink of an eye, many elite members were bathed in the poisonous mist; they shouted in pain. All of them started to fall into pools of blood. They either suffered corrosion from the poisonous midst or torched by the burning flame.


‘The giant scaled dragon’s attack contains fire and poison?!’

When Zhang Jue and the rest saw that, they gasped.

‘That is the power of the future enchanted beast?’

‘That is so scary!’

That was right. The giant scale dragon was originally a Black Sand Python, and it had been living in a poisonous place, the Valley of Death. Hence, its body contained intense poison.


The giant scaled dragon was furious. It roared as it charged toward the crowd again!


Many people perished on the spot; there were many screams of pain too! Everyone was terrified. Nobody wanted to fight any longer. All they wanted to do was turn back and flee.

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