The Ultimate Husband [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2550

Darryl Darby: The Ultimate Husband novel [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2550

Time passed, every second and every minute. Jewel felt as if she was going through countless nightmares. In the end, when she woke up, she felt the skin of her entire body and face was in burning pain.

‘Did I die?’

Jewel opened her eyes and saw her entire body was soaked in the icy cold river water. Jewel was stunned and sad. Next, she was shocked when she saw her reflection in the water.

She saw her exquisite, beautiful face had turned pitch black like black ink. She looked extremely ugly.

At that moment, Jewel felt utterly hopeless.

‘Since I would not live much longer, instead of staying alive for Zhang Jue to use me for elixir production, why don’t I die now?’

When she thought of that, Jewel was about to knock her head on the stone chest to commit suicide.


However, before Jewel could knock her head on the chest, she felt indescribable energy had covered her. Next, a stunning shadow appeared in front of her eyes.

A person dressed in a light purple long dress had appeared. Her facial features were exceptionally beautiful, and her body figure was alluring. She looked as if she had walked out of a painting. She had an undeniable aura throughout her body.

That was someone she had not met for a while; she was Diaochan.

“Diaochan—” Jewel bit her lips; she was in shock when she saw Diaochan. “Miss Diaochan? Why did you save me?”

Diaochan had stayed with the Carter family for a period. Of course, she knew Jewel.

“Are you Miss Jewel?” Diaochan was surprised.

At that moment, Jewel’s face was almost completely destroyed. However, Diaochan still recognized her when she heard her voice.

Diaochan asked when she saw Jewel nodding her head. “Jewel, what happened?”

Ten years ago, Lu Bu’s ancient tomb had shocked the whole Nine Mainland. Later, countless sects had rushed into the ancient tomb as they tried to obtain Lu Bu’s treasure. Diaochan was resurrected due to some circumstances. Then, she stayed with the Carter family.

Later, due to the changes in circumstances in the Nine Mainland, wars started. Diaochan left the Carter family and went everywhere to look for a place to settle down. All those years, she had been wandering everywhere. That day, she had been walking past Lunar Hill. She noticed that someone had been thrown into the river, and there were guards around. She was curious; hence, she went to take a look. She did not expect to see Jewel.

Jewel’s eyes were red. She sobbed. “I am not able to live long, and I turned so ugly—” As she spoke, tears continued to stream down her cheeks; it made one feel heartache for her.

When she heard that, Diaochan observed Jewel. “Did you swallow a huge inner core and also poisoned by someone’s punch?”

Diaochan was Lu Bu’s woman. She was knowledgeable; she could easily identify Jewel’s situation.

Jewel nodded; she was in deep sorrow as she shared what had happened.

When she reached the end of the story, Jewel’s eyes were filled with unwillingness and conflict. “I don’t wish to die like this. I do not want to leave Mister. However, even if I manage to stay alive, I do not dare to see Mister with this face.”


Diaochan sighed in relief when she heard that. ‘This little girl is really loyal to Darryl. She is so weak and kind; she makes one feel pity for her.’

As she mumbled in her heart, Diaochan looked at Jewel seriously. “You’re unwilling to leave Darryl?”

Jewel nodded; her eyes were filled with determination. “If I can, I would guard him for his whole life, even if I have to sacrifice my life for him.”

Diaochan was really touched. ‘That is true love in a profound relationship.’

Diaochan said, “You will definitely die based on your condition now. However, I have a way to let you be with Darryl for his entire life, but that requires a great sacrifice from you.”

Diaochan lifted her hands and pointed at the stone chest. “Inside that stone chest is a dragon egg left behind by Emperor Xuan Yuan. That is his former enchanted beast dragon’s youngling. Your body has been poisoned, and you will not live much longer. However, I have a way to combine your soul and the dragon ball into the dragon egg. You will need to forgo your body as a sacrifice.

“In other words, you will replace the dragon’s spirit and soul in the egg and turn yourself into a dragon. On the day you hatch from the egg, you will be able to choose to be Darryl’s enchanted beast. With that, you will always be with him.

“However, you must consider it carefully. If you were to do that, you would not be able to communicate with Darryl before you achieve the peak of your power. In other words, Darryl will not know who you are.”

Diaochan looked at Jewel with pity when she said the last sentence.

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