The Ultimate Husband [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2568

Darryl Darby: The Ultimate Husband novel [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2568

Disappointed, Natalie forced a smile and said, “Alright then.”, before leaving with the rest of her subordinates. The crowd in the trading hall simultaneously sighed a breath of relief as soon as she was gone, relieving them of the pressure they felt from the queen’s powerful presence. That was about the time Cheyenne had completed all procedures needed for the trade. Just as promised by the queen, they were not charged any commission and instead managed to exchange a handsome amount of leather armors that were made and perfected by the Raksasa Tribe. Needless to say, the Yach Family could make a fortune out of this trade.

“Uncle!” Cheyenne walked over grinning from ear to ear while saying in excitement, “You were amazing! Who knew you would be friends with the Raksasa Queen! Seriously, who are you?”

Darryl grinned at Cheyenne’s curious expression and said, “I’m just an ordinary man who happens to know the queen.”

“Fine, don’t tell me,” Cheyenne pouted, her enticing features were made to look even more alive by the frustration. She was no fool, it was obvious that Darryl was lying. But she decided that it would be best to let him keep his secret if he really was reluctant to share it. Half an hour later , the two arrived at the Yach family’s mansion.

“Sir!” A servant that worked for the Yach family immediately came up to Darryl as soon as they stepped in through the doors and with a respectful tone, said, “A lady came and asked to see you, she is now waiting at the side hall.” Considering the fact that Darryl was the sworn brother of Zhu Bajie and that Zhu Bajie was the master of their eldest daughter, all the employees of the Yach family addressed him respectfully as “sir”. The servant’s eyes were glittering with confusion and admiration at the same time as he spoke. That lady was far too beautiful to be human.

“A visitor?” Darryl scrawled, feeling his stomach sank as he thought to himself, ‘Sh*t, can it be one of Zhang Jue’s men?’ He gestured to the servant to lead the way and went directly into the side hall. As soon as he arrived, Darryl was stunned by the sight before him and gasped in surprise. A slim curvy figure sat on one of the chairs in the side hall, her features were hypnotizing delicate and her hourglass-shaped body. She looked like one of the most beautiful women in heaven and earth that was known to history. Her demeanor resembled that of an angel, as if what happens on earth was far beneath her. The woman before him was Diaochan.

Darryl was instantly dazed, unable to find his composure for the time being. Diaochan was simply far too beautiful and despite the fact that it had been a long time since he last saw her, her beauty was unwavering.

“Darryl!” Diaochan stood abruptly once she caught sight of Darryl and went over with  excitement. “It really is you!” Indeed, ever since she took Jewel away with her, Diaochan had merged Jewel’s soul and the power of the dragon ball into the dragon egg with a special technique. She had been looking for Darryl everywhere and that was when she managed to catch the news of the Raksasa Queen’s appearance at the trade city. Rumours had it that the queen was acting exceptionally  respectful to a man from the Nine Continents. Diaochan immediately knew that that man from the Nine Continents was likely to be Darryl and proceeded to gather more information. Eventually, she found out that the man in the rumor was an honored guest at the Yach family. She did not hesitate for another moment before rushing over to the Yach family for a visit. Though she had been prepared, she was still overwhelmed with joy once Darryl truly appeared before her.

“Your…Your Ladyship! ” Darryl sobered and responded with unconceivable excitement. “What brings you here?” It simply had been too long since he last saw Diaochan.

Diaochan smiled gently and got straight to the point. “I came looking for you to give you this. You must guard it with your life.” She reached into her enchanted beast pouch and retrieved an item. The moment he saw it, Darryl’s jaw dropped.

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