The Ultimate Husband [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2587

Darryl Darby: The Ultimate Husband novel [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2587

Shandy pondered and waved her hand. “Do as he said.”

She did not know why, but when she saw how sure Jewel was, she decided to trust Darryl just once.

“Your Majesty! ” Sheryl was anxious all of a sudden after hearing Shandy’s command.

She tried to dissuade Shandy, but she held her tongue when she saw how firm Shandy was.

Soon, Darryl gave instructions to the dragon elites to deploy a large Heaven and Earth Formation in the center of the island, and then the Fire Spirit Crystal was set on it.


In an instant, a powerful fire spirit was seen as soon as the Fire Spirit Crystal was placed at the center of the formation. The power dispersed in every direction of the entire Legendary Island of the Dragons.

A few seconds later, a transparent protective shield formed on the Legendary Island of the Dragons, isolating the chills from its surrounding environment.

‘This… works! ‘

In an instant, the dragon elites looked at Darryl in awe. They were speechless.

Shandy was also completely shocked. She stared at Darryl with a gaze full of mixed emotions. “Darryl, I really didn’t expect that you would have such talent, ” she said.

She heard that he was a rare talent from The Nine Continent. It seemed that the rumors were true.

Shandy took out a special jade slip and spoke softly, “From now on, you are the only human friend of the Divine Dragon clan. I will call you the Dragon Lord. In the future, you may freely enter and exit The Legendary Island of the Dragons as you wish.”

As the Divine Dragon Clan Head, Shandy was extremely wise. In the beginning, when her younger sister tried to protect Darryl, Shandy realized that Darryl was very different from other human beings. When he helped solve the issue on The Legendary Island of the Dragons, Shandy realized it was beneficial to have Darryl as a friend.

‘Wow. Dragon Lord.’

All the dragon elites in the entire The Legendary Island of the Dragons were in an uproar. Thousands of eyes instantly fell on Darryl and they were all in shock.

Darryl was also stupefied. ‘Dragon Lord? Is that a noble status?’ He held the jade slip, feeling confused.

Shandy smiled when she noticed Darryl’s expression. “A Dragon Lord is the highest level of respect given to our human friends. The last Dragon Lord was the Yellow Emperor. However, his actions later on had disappointed us. I hope you don’t repeat the same mistakes. “

‘Oh, wow!’ Darryl’s heart quivered as he was overwhelmed with shock.

Sheryl stepped out and objected, “Your Majesty, the Dragon Lord title should have been abolished a long time ago. These human beings are not worthy of our trust. Please think twice.”

Sheryl threw a contemptuous glance at Darryl.

After that, many dragon elites around also spoke their minds. “Yeah, humans are never trustworthy! “

“Although Darryl has helped us a lot, who knows if he has other motives.”

“Your Majesty, please think twice! “

The surrounding dragon elites spoke one after another.

Shandy was sitting on the throne and she had a trace of displeasure on her face. “Are you people questioning my judgment?”

She was not loud, but her firm and resolute tone reverberated throughout The Legendary Island of the Dragons. She had a formidable aura.

“No, we dare not!” Sheryl trembled, her legs bent and she knelt.

Shandy slowly said, ” I know what you’re worried about, but I choose to believe in Darryl this time round. If we find out that he’s a shameless villain, I will kill him personally. Do you still have any objections?”

All the dragon elites shut their mouths, no longer opposing the idea. Darryl, on the other hand, was unimaginably excited.

‘Ha-ha! I’ve become a Dragon Lord and can now freely enter and exit The Legendary Island of the Dragons. This disaster turned into a blessing, ‘ he thought.

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