The Ultimate Husband [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2594

Darryl Darby: The Ultimate Husband novel [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2594

Paul was cunning. It was just his temporary solution to seek refuge from Zhang Jue. He had always dreamed of being the most powerful man. He had never truly been loyal to Chester and he would never succumb to Zhang Jue either.

When Chester taught Paul the Grafting Method, Paul decided he would let Chester and Zhang Jue fight each other and he would reap the rewards of the results.

It was natural that Paul did not tell Zhang Jue about the reinforcements Chester had called for.

Suddenly, a disciple walked in quickly, his face pale as he shouted at Zhang Jue in fear, “Master, it’s not good. The New World Army a-and the disciples of the Elysium Gate Sect are here.”

The disciple’s legs went weak and he almost collapsed to the ground!

The Elysium Gate Sect had always been known to be powerful across The Nine Continents. Coupled with the New World Royals, they were too strong for the hundreds of thousands of elite disciples from the Endless Sky Organization.

‘What?’ Zhang Jue was taken aback as his expression turned ugly.

‘F*ck! I have always been very discreet about holding the Carter family captive and dealing with Darryl. How on earth did the Elysium Gate Sect and the New World Royals find out? It must have been Chester, ‘ he wondered and glared at Chester with murderous intent.

Chester frowned as he looked at Paul. ‘F*ck, this kid is despicable and shameless. He betrayed me but he chose not to tell Zhang Jue about the reinforcements I called for. Had he told Zhang Jue in advance, Zhang Jue would have had enough time to deploy defenses. What exactly does he want to do? Is he gonna sit and watch us fight?’ Paul had a sinister motive.

A slender figure quickly walked into the prison cell. She had a beautiful face and had a calm yet domineering demeanor. It was Laura.

“Mister Zhang, the Elysium Gate Sect and the New World Royals are here. How shall we deal with them?” asked Laura.

Her delicate face did not show any change of emotions but she was a little worried.

Three days ago, after Laura went forth to express her willingness to join forces, she had been recuperating in the Altar of the Endless Sky Organization.


Zhang Jue took a deep breath. He looked around and said coldly, “Laura, Paul, you both stay here and take care of these people. Remember, do not keep any one of them. I’ll deal with the Elysium Gate Sect and the New World Royals.”

Then, he rushed out.

As soon as Zhang Jue left, Laura looked at Chester then looked at Dax. She sneered, “Chester, Dax. You must have never thought that this would happen to you. Back then, you both ruined my Incandescent Sect. Today, I want to return the favor.”

Suddenly, a strong aura filled Laura’s body. Phew!

Laura’s killing intent sent chills down everyone’s spine, especially Dax and the others who had taken the Scattered Energy Pills. They had no more internal energy left within their energy field and they had become ordinary people.

However, Dax had a fiery temper.

“Laura, the Incandescent Sect has done a lot of evil. It’s God’s will that it was destroyed! ” he yelled.

Many people agreed.

Laura was so angry so she swore, ” Stop talking nonsense! Today, I will take your lives to pay tribute to my dead disciples’ souls.”

Laura was shocked and she slapped Dax with her palm.

“Don’t think you can hurt my brother when I’m here!” Chester roared as he dashed forward to block Laura’s palm.

The two immediately fought fiercely in the cell.

Meanwhile, Zhang Jue had arrived at the gate of the Altar. His expression suddenly turned gloomy at the horrible scene in front of him.

There were more than 100,000 New World Royal soldiers and tens of thousands of Elysium Gate Sect elites standing in lines. They surrounded the entire Endless Sky Organization, forming a pattern like a barrel made of steel.

The New World Royal Army was the elite of the New World Royals! Yang Jian once occupied the New World Continent and forced Lord Kenny to surrender himself. Later on, when The Nine Continents fought against the Raksasa Tribe and Yang Jian died, Lord Kenny became the Emperor again. In the following three years, Lord Kenny expanded the New World Royal Army and made them the most prestigious troop throughout The Nine Continents.

A handsome figure was suspended above the New World Royal Army, wearing golden armor and holding a giant hammer. He had a majestic and awe-inspiring look! It was Ambrose!

Besides Ambrose, there were also the Four Warlords and the Dixon Quadruplets from the Elysium Gate Sect.

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