The Ultimate Husband [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2598

Darryl Darby: The Ultimate Husband novel [Skykissing Wolf] Chapter 2598

‘Sh*t!’ Dax, Yvette and the other’s expressions changed immediately when they saw the few Endless Sky Organization charging towards them. They were in shock.

None of them had internal energy, so how would they be able to defeat those disciples?

“Brother Dax, Sisters, leave now. I will stop them, ” Sara bit her lips tightly as she urged them. She was the only one out of all of them who still had internal energy.

Dax was worried. “No, we can’t leave you behind. “

Sara looked determined. “Don’t worry. I can defeat them. ”

Although Sara was the weakest among them, she would not have much problem defeating the few Sky Endless Organization disciples.

Dax and the others still hesitated when they heard what she said.

Yvette finally gathered her thoughts and spoke seriously,  “Alright then. Sara, you must be careful. Defeat them and catch up with us immediately. “

Yvette could feel that Sara’s energy had recovered slightly and she would not have a problem defeating the few disciples.

“Yes! “ Sara nodded her head.

When they saw the few disciples had almost arrived in front of them, Yvette, Dax and the others did not delay further, and ran towards the woods quickly.

“You evil people, die! “ Sara shouted as she charged towards the few disciples.

At that moment, her face was filled with anger and her eyes shone with determination. Her brothers and sisters protected her previously; now, it was her turn to protect them.

Bang! Bang!

In the blink of an eye, the disciples were defeated by Sara’s attack and fell to the ground quickly.

However, Sara was shocked when more disciples charged forward from behind. “Hurry, catch them!”

“Don’t let them run away. ”

Laura saw a few dozen Sky Endless Organization charging forward from the small road behind them with Paul leading them.

When he arrived in front of Sara, Paul checked her out and grinned. “You overestimated  yourself. You think you can stop us by yourself?”

Sara bit her lips tightly and retorted coldly, “Evil people like you won’t have a good ending. ”

Just after she spoke, Paul moved his body in a blink and his hand moved as fast as lightning when he sealed Sara’s acupoint.

Sara’s body trembled and she could not move at all.

“Hurry! Dax and the others should not have run too far. Chase after them, “ Paul ordered the disciples around him.

When he said that, he was busy looking Sara up and down as his eyes had a sinister look.

“Yes!“ the few dozen disciples replied and left quickly in the direction where Dax and the rest escaped.

Sara was worried as she stared angrily at Paul. “You betrayed Brother Chester and now you still want to kill everyone. God will punish evil people like you.“

Paul smiled and walked over. “Ha-ha! God punish me? In your heart, people like Chester and Dax are good people? Ha-ha! The people they had killed are no less than mine.“

As he spoke, Paul grabbed Sara, but he did not head back to the Endless Sky Organization main altar. Instead, he went to a secluded valley a few kilometers away.

When they reached the woods, Paul put Sara down.

Paul showed an evil grin when he saw Sara staring angrily at him. He then lifted Sara’s chin. “Miss Carter, don’t stare at me like that or I will think that you have fallen in love with me. Ha- ha!”

‘I must say, this young miss of the Carter family is really beautiful, ‘ he thought.

Sara could not help but say, “ Let go of me immediately! Let me tell you, when Brother Darryl returns, he will not let you go so easily. “

Sara was enraged as she said that, but her heart was filled with fear. ‘What does he want to do at such a secluded place?’

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