When life takes a turn [Draco.C] chapter 552

Zayn Larson: When life takes a turn novel by Draco.C Chapter 552
Ethan had never felt so miserable before in his life. He felt the urge to cry in the meantime.

He had never been beaten up so savagely all his life.

The kick delivered by himself earlier was already terrible enough while the kick delivered by Hanson on his body now almost broke his back. Every breath he took felt like agony.

He was born with a silver spoon and was pampered all his life. He barely had to endure any hardships—being beaten up was likely the worst thing he had ever experienced. Even when he was sent to jail six months ago, it only took a toll on his mental state and he was physically left unharmed. He knew that what he was going through currently was true pain. Boo hoo…

Meanwhile, Hanson was thrown into a panic upon seeing Ethan crying tragically. He knew how powerful his kick was earlier. Even after retracting his attack a little, a person like Ethan would not have been able to withstand it. He suspected that Ethan was suffering from internal injuries. Otherwise, Ethan would not be crying so tragically.

“Hans, Hanson, why did you kick me out of nowhere, what, what’s going on… You, you should kick him… Hiss, it hurts…” Ethan’s face was covered in snot and tears from all the crying. He propped a hand against his back and the other hand against the ground in an attempt to stand up, yet he could not do it regardless. His entire body was shivering violently in pain.

Witnessing Ethan’s miserable state, Zayn could not refrain himself from bursting into laughter. In his heart, he could not help feeling delighted.

When he was swallowing insult and humiliation silently as the man who married into the Carter family earlier, he endured no lack of humiliation from Ethan. Ethan was constantly scheming against Faye and during his final scheme, Ethan was contemplating a sinister act on Faye even. Had it not due to his timely arrival, it would have led to a huge disaster already.

As a result, he did not have a favorable impression of Ethan all this time.

Many people in the surroundings could not refrain from laughing secretly upon witnessing Ethan’s miserable state. They were even looking at Hanson with a mocking gaze.

“Isn’t that Hanson Griffin? Why is he beating someone up here?”

“You’re right. The casualty is just an ordinary person and yet he attacked the man so ferociously. That doesn’t make sense.”

“I heard that Hanson is a tyrant a long time ago. There’s rumors about him being absolutely lawless and enjoying bullying others frequently. I didn’t expect that to be true.”

“Poor guy. I bet his back is broken huh.”

“Yes, poor guy.”

“Hanson has gone too far this time, he’s bullying people everywhere just because he has his father as his backer…”

Hanson’s expression was extremely unpleasant. He was famous in the circle. Now that he was involved in this incident, everyone would assume that he was a tyrant who enjoyed bullying ordinary people.

He stared at Zayn coldly and said in a sombre tone, “I’ve underestimated you, you deadbeat. I didn’t expect that you’re trained in martial arts! However, your skill is so bad that it’s really nothing impressive to me. You’re going to bow down and apologize to me now and I shall consider letting you off. Otherwise, I’m going to make your life a living hell and make sure that you suffer so much that you’d wish you’re dead!”

Hanson clasped his hands behind his back and looked at Zayn with an icy cold gaze. He was so overbearing and he spoke like he was ordering Zayn. If Zayn refused to abide by him, he would immediately issue a lethal punishment on Zayn.

Zayn was rather surprised to sense his overbearingness. He did not expect a good-for-nothing like Ethan could be acquainted with a skilled fighter like this man.

Mr. Hyde stepped forward and said to Hanson nonchalantly, “Hanson, I’d like to advise you to abandon this idea.”

Hanson tilted his head to the side, looked at Mr. Hyde and said with a spurious smile, “What if I don’t?”

“Then you shall be my enemy.” Upon saying that, Mr. Hyde’s gaze changed drastically while a gush of monstrous overbearingness not weaker than Hanson for the slightest bit was exuded from his body.

The combination of two powerful people’s overbearingness was an extremely huge pressure for the people in the surroundings. The weaker people in the crowd could obviously feel difficulty in breathing. It felt as if the air in the area was extracted and thinned out using some formidable means.

Hanson’s expression changed drastically once again. He gave Mr. Hyde a deathly glare and spoke through his clenched teeth, “Mr. Hyde, it seems that you’re determined to go against me? You must think this through properly. Think about who I am and if it’s worth it for you to start a feud with me for a deadbeat!”

Mr. Hyde sniggered disdainfully. He replied with one word, “Leave.”

“You!” Hanson’s face turned green with rage. He was a well-respected big shot anyhow. It was fine that he was embarrassed earlier and now Mr. Hyde had actually ordered him to leave with the witness of so many people. How would he still have the respect of these people from now on!

“You’re seeking doom!” He flew into rage from extreme embarrassment and he was preparing to attack Mr. Hyde.

Meanwhile, a deep shout was heard coming from his left. “Stop it!”

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