When life takes a turn [Draco.C] chapter 560

Zayn Larson: When life takes a turn novel by Draco.C Chapter 560
His vomit coincidentally splattered on Ethan’s face.

Those two pills were both Ossiumol, but there was a stark difference between the two. The better one was an Ossiumol-100. It was of the best quality with the strongest medicinal effect and the least side effects. The chance of it helping the acquired skilled fighter to make a breakthrough to becoming a master skilled fighter was also higher as well.

The second best was Ossiumol-1 with a weaker medicinal effect compared to Ossiumal-100 and had a lower probability of assisting a breakthrough.

The third best would be Ossiumol-2 and Ossiumol-3. Therefore, the quality of Ossiumol was divided into four categories with the best being Ossiumol-100, but it was so rare that one might not even find a single pill produced in many years.

That was why he did not expect that it would be auctioned off at the Aeolus House today. Moreover, it would take place after Ossiumol-1 had been auctioned off beforehand.

Hanson had never felt so hopeless in his life. He wondered if he had been tricked by fate to have spent all his savings to get the Ossiumol, then the auctioneer suddenly announced that there was another Ossiumol-100 out of nowhere.

F*ck it!

Fortunately, Hanson’s subordinate managed to prop him up and stop him from falling over. Despite that, he still made a fool of himself, and everyone was making fun of him now.

“How dare you play a trick on me? I’m going to kill you!” Hanson lost his mind. His temper flared up from embarrassment, so he charged toward the auctioneer and beat him up ferociously. After having completely let go of all sense of rationality, he acted like a madman.

The auctioneer was just an ordinary man who was not trained in martial arts. How could he endure being beaten up by Hanson to the point that he was barely breathing after a while?

It was fortunate that the staff at the Aeolus House reacted swiftly. Security personnel charged toward them at once and restrained Hanson.

Mr. Otto stepped forward at once and flew into a rage. “Hanson! That’s really bold of you to behave so atrociously at the Aeolus House. You must be looking for punishment!”

The overbearingness Mr. Otto exuded now made everyone shudder despite it not actually being cold. Hanson finally recovered from the shock and realized that he was in deep trouble. His face turned ghastly pale instantly while his heart raced like a bullet train.

“Mr. Otto, I…” Hanson hastily tried to explain himself because he still feared Mr. Otto.

Mr. Otto stared at him coldly and said, “I’m going to talk to Xander about this incident and ask him how he raised his son! If Xander can’t justify himself, the Aeolus House won’t ever let the Griffins off!”

Upon hearing that, Hanson panicked even more. “Mr. Otto, the incident earlier was just a misunderstanding. Please allow me to apologize to you and the Aeolus House. I’m willing to compensate for the Aeolus House’s loss.”

“No need.” Mr. Otto said coldly, “Please leave now. The Aeolus House doesn’t welcome your presence.”

Hanson felt terribly aggrieved. He had been doing well initially, but how did this happen? It was his impulsiveness. It was his rashness that caused all this trouble. He could imagine how his father Xander was going to punish him when he was home.

Zayn could not refrain from smiling upon seeing Hanson.

Mr. Hyde looked at Zayn in return. He could not figure out how Zayn knew that there was an Ossiumol-100 afterwards regardless since he never told Zayn about that.

Hanson noticed Zayn’s smile by chance and was furious. He could feel his blood boiling in rage and he even felt nauseous.

He glared at Zayn as if he was trying to memorize the latter so that he would not forget about Zayn in his life! Neither had he ever been at such a disadvantage in his life nor had he ever despised someone like this before either!

Hanson did not have the courage to have a fall out with the Aeolus House regardless of how insolent he was. He could only leave feeling sour.

After Hanson left, the auction continued. However, everyone was looking at Zayn with a gaze filled with dread and admiration. No one had the courage to compete against him for the Ossiumol-100 next. In the end, it was sold to Zayn with the highest bid of 40 million dollars. What a steal!

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