When life takes a turn [Draco.C] chapter 567

Zayn Larson: When life takes a turn novel by Draco.C Chapter 567
Finally, it came to the tenth day. Zayn gave himself numerous pep talks and steeled himself for the umpteenth time before he finally gulped down the medicine.

This last time, the unprecedented pain felt like someone was striking each and every part of his body. Even his cells felt the throb like they were being destroyed and rebirthed repeatedly. It lasted the longest—five hours in total—before the tidal waves of agony stopped.

Then, Zayn lost consciousness. When he woke up, it was dark, and he picked himself up from the ruins. He had thoroughly ravaged the near-thousand square feet of the house in his berserk state!

It was fortunate that the area was deserted, and there was no one within the range of two miles, or they would be terrified thinking that there was a monster.

After a long time, Zayn opened his eyes. When he did, a bright gleam flashed like it could light up the world. He exuded a domineering presence, causing animals and insects within a radius of three miles to quieten down like the pause button was pressed in a movie. It was eerie!

It was because his presence was too powerful. As creatures with the sharpest senses, animals felt it at once and were intimidated into submission.

Mr. Hyde, who was farther away, felt Zayn’s forbidding aura as well. It felt like a large hand had grasped and squeezed around his heart as his mind blanked out and he choked.

“Young Master… he’s done it,” Mr. Hyde commented in a stupor.

A smug smile appeared on Lysithea’s initially anxious face. In a flash, she disappeared without a sound. Mr. Hyde, who was just right beside her, did not notice it either.

Zayn reeled in his commanding presence just after two seconds of manifesting it. Naked, he was caught in an awkward state. It was fortunate that his luggage was not crushed despite the house being wrecked, so he retrieved a set of clean clothes to put on. Then, he waved toward Mr. Hyde’s direction and said, “Come on out. There’s no need to hide now.”

Mr. Hyde widened his eyes. He was thousands of feet away from Zayn but the latter had still discovered him. It was obvious how much Zayn had improved.

As he made his way to Zayn, Mr. Hyde was filled with emotions while looking at him. He had watched Zayn grow from the little boy he was to a stellar skilled master fighter now. “Congratulations on your success in becoming a master fighter, Young Master!”

Zayn smiled. “Lil Hyde, thank you for keeping watch for me all this time.”

Mr. Hyde was actually surprised by that, delightfully so, and he replied frantically, “No, no, it’s what I should do.”

It was odd. Zayn’s now a master fighter, but Mr. Hyde thought he was increasingly ordinary. He could not feel anything from him! Previously, even when Zayn was more skilled than Mr. Hyde, the latter could feel his strength and physical potential, thus he could distinguish that Zayn was a seasoned fighter. Now, Mr. Hyde can’t even figure Zayn out. It only proves that Zayn was on a much higher level than he was, thus prompting the older man to comment to himself, ‘Crazy fool.’

Nonetheless, he was happy for Zayn.

As mentioned, Zayn was able to hide his prowess better now that he was a master fighter. He looked and felt more like an average Joe. Someone who was not at the level of a master fighter would not possibly be able to discern his ability.

“Did anything happen to my family during my isolation training? Hanson wasn’t there to look for trouble, was he?” Zayn asked, narrowing his eyes.

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