When life takes a turn [Draco.C] chapter 593

Zayn Larson: When life takes a turn novel by Draco.C Chapter 593
Sean seemed to be acquainted with Bill. He took a step forward and said with a smile, “Mr. Costa, we intend to set up a security company in Waltz City, and we would like to ask for your blessing.”

Bill picked up his mug and sipped his coffee leisurely. More than ten seconds passed before he spoke, “Hey, Sean, you’re doing well in the entertainment business now. Why are you suddenly looking into competing with us, huh? It’s not that you’re unaware of the depth of the security business.”

Sean hastily said, “We’re expanding our business now that Violet Vision Media Corp is developing well, so many people are offended. That is why our chairman came up with the idea to set up a security company to care for our personal safety. It’s not that we want to compete against you.”

Bill furrowed his brows and said, “There’s no need for you to establish a security company specifically just to protect yourselves. You can just work with us. Our Northmob Council’s bodyguards are famous in the business for being professional at work, and they’re much stronger than you setting up a security company out of nowhere.”

Sean let out a forced laugh and said, “Uh, this is actually our chairman’s intention.”

Bill raised an eyebrow, narrowed his eyes, and said in a displeased tone, “Ah, it seems that the chairman of your Violet Vision Media Corp has a huge appetite for business, huh? He founded Leap League Advertising Agency recently, and now in less than a month, he’s trying his hands at a security business. In that case, I’m rather interested in that chairman of yours. I wonder if he’s with us.”

Bill’s gaze swept past everyone’s face once again. His poise was arrogant and aloof in the meantime. He did not show the slightest courtesy when he talked about Violet Vision’s chairman as if he was talking about a young boy.

Sean and the others had arrived for a while, yet no one arranged any seats for them. Everyone was still standing. It could be said that Bill was extremely arrogant.

Sean immediately pointed at Zayn standing next to him and said, “Mr. Costa, this is the chairman of Violet Vision Media Corp, Zayn Larson.”

Other than Bill, the rest of the people in the Northmob Council were looking at Zayn.

Bill was obviously stunned for a moment and expressed his serious doubt by saying, “Sean, are you certain that this little boy is your chairman?”

Bill pointed at Zayn just like that. His attitude was beyond arrogant and was despicable. He looked down at Zayn entirely. In fact, he even assumed that Sean was joking with him.

Zayn appeared to be a little over 20 years old, and there was not an ounce of power in his presence. He was as common-looking as they came, so how could a person like him possibly be the chairman of Violet Vision Media Corp?

Even though Zayn had already made a name for himself in the business in Waltz City, not many had seen him in person. A person of Bill’s status had never seen him in real life before.

Bill knew about Violet Vision Media Corp and that it was a very highly profitable business. However, he had no knowledge about Violet Vision’s chairman. In his perception, a person who could be in this position should be a middle-aged person who was steady with a strong presence. How could he possibly be a little brat just over 20 years old?

Cold sweat drenched Sean’s forehead. Zayn would certainly be pissed off by Bill’s contemptuous mannerism. On the other hand, he did not have the courage to offend Bill either. It felt extremely unpleasant to be caught in between these two bigshots. He could only brace himself and explained in a haste, “Mr. Costa, why would I joke around with you? He really is our chairman.”

Upon saying that, Sean looked at Zayn with pleading eyes in hope that Zayn would speak up for himself.

Zayn did not make things difficult for Sean since the situation was truly getting out of hand for him. He took a step forward and said, “Hello, Mr. Costa. I’m the chairman of Violet Vision Media Corp, Larson.”

Zayn took the initiative to extend his hand for a handshake with Bill. However, Bill refused to pay any attention to him and ignored him. Bill did not show the slightest respect to Zayn and even had tilted his head and said in an unkind tone, “Who gave you the permission to set up a security company in Waltz City? Have you gone through it with me before?”

Anyone could tell that Bill was putting Zayn in his place.

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