When life takes a turn [Draco.C] chapter 597

Zayn Larson: When life takes a turn novel by Draco.C Chapter 597
“Really? Him and what—that wimpy body of his? He’s going to fly off into the sunset after receiving Terror Teddy’s punch.”

“I mean, just look at that tender, unblemished, unbruised skin and that wimpy frame. Do you think he even knows how to clench his fist properly? Oh, but he sure is good at propping himself up like that against Terror Teddy. Brain-damaged much?”

“And that guy’s some important mogul taking the helm of a bullish company? Mate, I don’t think its upward growth is gonna last any sooner.”

“Dude thinks that just because he watches some action superhero movies on Netflix or Disney+ or something, and he’s suddenly a superhero of his own right! Haha, you can’t make this sh*t up!”

Every member of the Northmob Council was seized by laughing fits. They did not try to hide their amusement and scorn behind any pretense. Some even laughed so hard that tears were rolling down their cheeks.

To them, Zayn was, at best, an average guy. He was scrawny, his skin soft and completely devoid of calluses, and overall, he looked like a privileged brat who had never seen a day of honest labor. They could send a wimp like that all the way to outer space with just one punch.

They were not the only ones who thought that way. Even those hired by Zayn—trained fighters, ex-special ops members, and the likes—laughed aloud, thinking that Zayn was doing some sort of comedy bit. He was long past a total lack of self-awareness when he offered himself like that. No, he might as well have asked for death.

Hunter could not stop himself from sputtering into laughter, too. He was overjoyed at how dumb Zayn had exposed himself to be. He was definitely a fruit loop!

Take that Steel Man fella from before—Hunter himself already proved himself no match for him. If Zayn were that man’s opponent, he could probably swat Zayn like a fly and watch the man travel all the way to hell and back.

He could not believe how a man this dumb could survive in this world for so long, but at the very least, he knew that meant he had a new epic story to tell his cousin Yvonne so that she could change her mind from falling in love with a certified dumb*ss.

Sean was also nonplussed. No way in his trippiest imagination would he have pictured Zayn doing anything like this. Had his boss given up on his life altogether?

There was no time to lose. Sean strode toward Zayn and tugged on his arm. His voice was rattling with anxiety. “Sir, just what do you think you’re doing? Have you lost your mind?! That guy over here is an actual, trained bodyguard. Trained—as in a professional! Coupled that fact with your, well, physique, you know that guy can literally send you all the way to our Maker with one single punch!

“Look, I get it. You’re a forward-looking, super-ambitious young man destined for great, glorious things… but calm down, sir, please! At least understand your limitations! Security is the Northmob Council’s territory—plain and simple. We will never strike out a spot here no matter how we try, and that’s a-okay!”

There was a bigger reason why Sean must rein Zayn in from his apparent suicide. If something were to happen to their beloved chairman, it would be akin to seeing the start of Violet Vision’s fall. Sean would never let that happen!

Bill felt the muscles around his eye twitch. He smacked his glass down on the table with a loud peal, causing its contents to spill. He shot Zayn with a glare fashioned from pure animus and fumed, “You f**king joking with me, sonny?”

Zayn shook his head. “I never joke.”

Bill leaped to his feet and shot daggers at Zayn through his eyes. An oppressive air seemed to emanate from him to the point that Hunter and the rest of the group were feeling a little suffocated. “Say that again,” he growled, his voice bearing a steely edge.

Sean watched the entire debacle escalating in warp speed and dove eagerly into the role of the peacemaker. “W-wait! Mr. Costa, please. This is a bona fide misunderstanding! Our chairman is young, and his youth carries the side effect of recklessness. Please don’t take his imprudence seriously, Mr. Costa. We’re leaving as we speak!”

It became very clear just how much Sean was panicking. He would not have said something close to this about his chairman otherwise.

Bill considered Sean for a while before finally nodding. “Fine. I’ll give you leeway, Sean Wilson. Take that dumbss you people crowned as chairman and get the f*k out of here!”

Sean bobbed his head up and down and began to tug on Zayn’s arm. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he lugged, the young man refused to budge. It irritated Sean enough that he finally lost control of his temper and shouted at Zayn, “Why aren’t you moving your *ss already?! Can you stop dragging me to hell with you?!”

Zayn regarded Sean with piercing eyes. “You’ve done a great deal for Violet Vision’s success, so I’m gonna let what you said about me slide this time, but now, I need you to shut up and leave everything to me. I’m about to show you why I have the gall to set my sights on security. Watch me.”

He shoved Sean away from him and walked out of the crowd once again, his face turning back to Bill. “You might have never heard about me before, Bill Costa, but it’s okay. From now on, though, I’ll make sure every single one of you Northmob Council members will tremble immediately when you hear my name.”

As he made his boastful declaration, the air around him seemed to explode. The shockwave it caused swept over everyone present.

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